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Complex employment disputes

Complex employment disputes - cases from hell

Who should attend

Experienced HR professionals who handle employment disputes, data subject access requests and employment litigation for their employer.


Sometimes, from apparently simple facts, an employment dispute can cause damage far beyond the costs and issues that had initially appeared to be at stake, while consuming vast amounts of time and resources. There are some early, tell-tale signs of cases that will not ‘go away’, or which may take an unexpected turn. A claimant, who makes every type of claim and contests every stage, may lead a well-intentioned employer into apparently contradictory positions.


And then there is the data. How do you access and manage years of dispersed electronic and paper data and what is your strategy for information disclosure? This briefing explores common mistakes that can leave an employer surprised and unprepared, as well as cost-effective ways to search and manage your data and comply with your disclosure obligations.


9.00am registration and coffee, 9.30am start


  • multiple grievances, or those raised during a disciplinary
  • tell-tale claimant behaviours
  • avoidance of HR requests
  • sickness during process
  • avoiding victimisation and whistle-blowing claims


  • what the law intended and its use in practice
  • challenging a fishing expedition: can you, should you?
  • Dawson-Damer -v- Taylor Wessing LLP: proportionality, privilege and motive

Obtaining, searching and managing data and documents

  • historic data search and limits: technology assisted reviews
  • formulating best practices around DSARs
  • nvestigating the vexatious employee: options, approaches and tools
  • eDisclosure in litigation to minimise time and cost

Strategies and tactics

  • disclosure options: cards on the table?
  • dealing with individual respondents, unrepresented claimants and litigants you still employ
  • vexatious claimants and reluctant witnesses
  • use of privilege, without prejudice and protected conversations
  • settlement: early, bluff or all the way?
  • restrictive covenants: preserving protection

1.00pm close, followed by lunch

Download the full Complex employment disputes programme


Approaches to data subject access requests (DSARs)

Complex employment situations



Details of speakers can be found on the flyer above.


Cost: £249

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Group discount:

10% discount for delegate 2 and subsequent delegates.

Online payment discount: 5%

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