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Driving for work - Records, police investigation and law

Who should attend

Directors, office/facilities managers, HR, health and safety and occupational health professionals will all benefit from attendance. Thorough briefing documents will be provided.


There are over 500 ‘driving for work deaths’ a year and many more serious injuries. Most organisations have a driving for work policy which is often aspirational in part. If so, a Police/Regulatory investigation will highlight gaps between what you have said and what you have done. This briefing will update you on the risks and help you encourage safer driving across your organisation.

  • licences, insurance and MOTs
  • other records including fuel cards and telematics
  • evidence of speeding and inappropriate driving: who sees it and how is it used?
  • data privacy and GDPR ... police access?

Recent trends in enforcement and driver licensing are signals from Government of increasing concern regarding driver responsibility. Individuals who drive for your organisation are invariably your greatest health and safety risk; whether the vehicle is work supplied or personally owned. Employers must be able to demonstrate that they take their responsibility seriously and that all of their drivers are properly trained, fit, licensed and insured and that all vehicles are fit for purpose. Including a former Motorway Police Inspector, these briefings cover fatigue, substance abuse, misuse of electronic devices and corporate responsibility.

Artificial intelligence enables interrogation of fleet tracking systems. What do you do with information that suggests your vehicles are unsafely driven, and are your driving records GDPR compliant? Drawing on the experiences of a former Inspector in the Central Motorway Police Group, each briefing covers fatigue, substance abuse, misuse of electronic devices and corporate responsibility. We also consider how road traffic incidents are investigated and how Brexit may affect European licence regulations and insurance.

Delegates will learn about:

– new penalties, current enforcement priorities and recent case-law
– health and safety law relating to workplace driving and criminal liability
– the boundary between individual and organisational responsibility
– the mind of the investigator: insight from a former Police Inspector
– what police questioning feels like
– making a good policy a reality
– fatigue and fitness to drive
– the need for driving licence, insurance and roadworthiness checks


Driving and the law

  • who is driving for work: work supplied vehicles and grey fleet
  • typical offences: driving, HR and health and safety
  • Government and HSE objectives, and Highways England
  • who is responsible: the organisation, the individual or both?
  • European licensing and insurance post-Brexit

Driver records and usage

  • fitness and qualifications to drive
  • roadworthiness and insurance
  • vehicle telematics: a blessing or a blessed nuisance?
  • driver fatigue

Risk reduction

  • where do we start? causes and contributory factors
  • managing risk and saving money
  • what is “reasonably practicable”?
  • shutting the stable door early: the use of risk assessments
  • driver training: getting value for money
  • gossip or intelligence: when to act and what to record

Key risks and mitigation

  • health checks and fitness to drive
  • medicines, fatigue and substance abuse
  • phones and electronic equipment
  • driving policies and the meaning of ‘reasonable practicability’
  • rumour and gossip: when to act and what to document
  • encouraging safer driving: value for money

A police investigation

  • wide, thorough and probing
  • the impact of a police interview
  • recent prosecutions and lessons learnt

Download the full Driving for work training course programme.

TUPE update law training

Cost: £249

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Group discount:

10% discount for delegate 2 and subsequent delegates.

Online payment discount: 5%

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