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Skype webinar - Compliance with Tier 4 sponsor obligations and update

Who should attend

This training event is aimed at anyone who works in the education sector with a responsibility for recruiting or managing students from outside the EEA or is able to use their institution’s sponsorship management system. We will also provide an update on the position concerning recruitment of EEA students.


Education providers who teach or wish to teach non-EEA students need to be Tier 4 sponsor licence holders. Tier 4 has been subject to a number of recent changes and this trend is likely to continue, especially with the implications of Brexit and the changes that will happen to the immigration system as a result, which will probably result in the need to sponsor EEA students as well as those from outside the EEA.

In this webinar we will remind you of the key requirements of the Tier 4 sponsorship system and update you on the latest developments.

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