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Education Webinar - Student Mental Health: Duty of Care, Privacy and Surveillance

Who should attend

This virtual webinar session is aimed at those working in the further and higher education sectors, including tutors, student services colleagues, managers, directors, senior leaders and governors.


Higher education institutions and further education colleges are facing increasing scrutiny of their processing of students’ personal data including the collection and use of data relating to students’ mental health.

Whilst the sharing of such personal data may be a necessary part of an institution discharging its duty of care to students, institutions must ensure that they do so in compliance with their obligations under data protection legislation including their obligations in relation to transparency, data minimisation and retention.

In addition, institutions should be aware of other legal obligations including under the Human Rights Act, third party terms of use and ePrivacy rules which may impact how and when they wish to collect such information from third party sources, such as social media, or carry out increased electronic surveillance, such as remote sentiment or other biometric monitoring.

 In this webinar we will look at some of the key data-related issues that arise in this context including the following:


−    when such data collection and sharing might be justified;

−    how to balance:

  • the reasonable objectives of institutions to protect students;
  • parents’ desire to be informed about issues relating to their late teen or young adult children;

with the rights of those students to preserve their private lives;

−    the difference between collecting data in an acute situation and collecting data for preventative measures or monitoring purposes; and

−    the policies and procedures, and third party protocols, that institutions should have in place to support staff and students.


Cost: Free

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13:00 - 14:15 (Local time)

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