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Topical student data protection issues:

Who should attend

This training event is aimed at anyone who works in the education sector.


There are a number of key data sharing issues currently facing higher education institutions and further education colleges in the context of student welfare and duty of care. These issues raise important legal and reputational concerns for institutions at a time of increased scrutiny of the sector following the introduction of new UK data protection legislation and an increasing awareness by students of their privacy rights.

This panel-style session will provide a forum for high level discussion of these issues and will assist institutions to identify best practice. It will be chaired and facilitated by two of our legal experts specialising in student issues and privacy law. Issues for discussion will include:

  • when can institutions share personal data about a student’s physical or mental health with colleagues or with third parties (including parents)?
  • can institutions obtain a lawful “up-front” consent from students on registration to share their sensitive personal data with third parties where concerns later arise about a student’s welfare?
  • what if a student who has consented to the sharing of their personal information later withdraws their consent?
  • under data protection legislation, what does a student’s “vital interests” mean?
  • can institutions request applicants and students to disclose information about criminal convictions

There will be no powerpoint presentation. Rather, our experts will guide discussion of these issues and encourage delegates to raise questions and share experiences of data sharing in the context of student welfare and duty of care.

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