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Long Term Sickness Absence and Disability Discrimination

Who should attend

This seminar is aimed at HR professionals and managers within higher and further education institutions, academies and schools.


Managing long term sickness absence involves a difficult balancing act between helping the employee return to work and deciding when the time has been reached when the institution can no longer put up with the absence.

Employees on long term absence may well be disabled which brings with it the additional complications of the extent to which the institution needs to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the individual and the risk of discrimination claims, whether during the course of employment or following termination. Such claims run the risk of greater compensation and damage to the institution’s reputation than “straight forward” unfair dismissal claims.

This seminar will identify the options available in managing these situation, the key legal considerations and practical guidance.

Question for discussion will include:

  •  How do you know if absence is disability related and what role does occupational health play in assessing this?
  •  How do you deal with an absent employee who asserts that any contact from the institution is worsening their condition?
  •  When are adjustments reasonable and do you need to extend sick pay entitlement beyond normal levels if the employee’s absence is due to disability?
  •  Do you need to wait any longer before dismissing a disabled employee than would be the case for non-disabled employees?
  •  If the employee is on a phased return for work do you pay only for the hours they in fact work, or do you need to pay at their normal full time rate?
  •  If sick pay has been exhausted by the time of dismissal do you need to pay in lieu of notice.

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