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Spanish employment law training

Who should attend

This Spanish employment law training course is relevant to international HR managers and directors in the UK who have responsibility for employees in Spain. It will also be useful to managers and directors who anticipate entering the Spanish market and who need to be aware of their responsibilities to their people.


Spanish and UK labour systems differ greatly. Spanish employment law is mainly based on the regulations contained in the Collective Bargaining Agreement in force in the market sector. Sometimes a specific CBA can be negotiated for one company with the trade unions and employee representatives.

Spanish labour law and labour courts tend to be very favourably disposed to the employees. It is, for example, very hard and expensive to dismiss employees in Spain. Employers must therefore take particular care in their hiring decisions and their dealings with employees.

This Spanish employment law training course will help you understand the rigid framework of regulation facing employers and the challenges you may encounter.


Please note that this course programme will run over two afternoons (2 x 3 hour course sessions). Day 1 will take place on 3 May and Day 2 will take place on 4 May 2023.

Background– sources of employment law

  • similarities and key differences
  • the impact of cultural differences

Getting started

  • recruitment issues
  • contracts of employment and collective bargaining agreements
  • typical benefits
  • modifications of the job conditions
  • basic pay and deductions

Day-to-day employee management

  • equal treatment
  • dealing with absence and poor performance
  • disciplinary procedure
  • health and safety
  • sick leave, maternity leave and parental rights

Termination of employment

  • dismissal on personal grounds
  • fair reasons
  • unfair dismissal
  • procedure
  • dismissal on economic grounds
  • pre-termination obligations (collective dismissal)
  • procedures
  • failure to comply
  • claims and the employment court
  • termination by agreement

Working with employee representatives

  • ‘staff delegates’ or works council members or trade union reps or all three!
  • rights and power
  • how to conduct meetings

To encourage interactivity/participation in the virtual environment, we limit numbers to a maximum of 20 on this course.

Cost: £475

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Select a date

03/05/2023 - 04/05/2023
Virtual online
14:00 - 17:00 (Local time)

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