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Key learnings: A Real Estate training programme

Who should attend

This session is intended for an audience of property professionals focused upon commercial and residential development.


The Eversheds Sutherland Real Estate Dispute Resolution Training Programme is a comprehensive course of training sessions aimed at all members of your team. The objective is to provide focused training on core issues with a view to enhancing knowledge of these topics and assisting your team to provide a top quality service to your colleagues and clients.


Landlords v CVAs: fighting a losing battle
23 January 2019
This session looks at the different regimes available where a tenant enters financial difficulty, with a particular focus on CVAs and administration and the effect of these regimes on the availability of a landlord’s remedies.
Waiving goodbye to your right to forfeit
20 March 2019
This session concerns a landlord’s right to forfeit a commercial lease, including procedure, the risks of waiver and the circumstances where a tenant may be able to obtain relief.
Everybody needs good neighbours
15 May 2019
This session provides a general review of the law of nuisance, with a particular focus on private common law nuisance.
Ravers, squatters and urban explorers: a guide to dealing with trespass
17 July 2019
This session looks at the ways in which issues surrounding unlawful occupation can be addressed, including protesters and squatters.
Picking up signals - updates on the new Electronic Communications Code
18 September 2019
Almost two years on from the coming into force of the Code, we look at the implications of the new provisions in practice.
Case law update
20 November 2019
This session focuses on the key cases in 2019 and what to expect in 2020.

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