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Employee investigations

Who should attend

This employee investigations training course will benefit HR professionals or line managers with responsibility for managing or conducting investigations into internal disciplinary, grievance and similar employee issues.


Employment tribunals expect employers to show that they have undertaken a fair and thorough investigation of complaints. This investigation can be time-consuming and complicated. However, if carried out early and correctly, an investigation should contain a problem and minimise distraction from the business.

This course provides an understanding of the legal and best practice requirements necessary to conduct an investigation and the skills required by the investigators. Delegates will learn about a process approach to the handling of investigations, which may be applied to a range of situations, and will take away an investigation ‘toolkit’.


Best practice and the law

  • the importance of a fair procedure
  • unfair dismissal: evidence and reasonableness
  • the requirements of the Acas code
  • dealing with discrimination, harassment and bullying complaints

Planning the investigation

  • who is suitable to be an investigator and the role?
  • setting the scope and goals of the investigation
  • documentation and files: what should you ask to see?
  • complainant issues, witnesses and representatives: the order of interviews.

Conducting the interviews

  • purpose and structure of the interviews
  • controlling the discussion and focusing on the facts
  • appropriate records or transcripts?
  • preparing statements: how to capture what is said
  • evaluating evidence: balancing conflicting and corroborating information

Investigation reports

  • making reporting back more straightforward
  • what should the report contain?
  • who receives a copy and permission to disclose?
  • findings and conclusions
  • making recommendations

The maximum number of delegates on this course is 16.

Download the full Employee investigations course programme.

employee investigations training

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