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Mental health and work- Disclosure and adjustment


Who should attend

This Mental health and work training course is aimed at HR, H&S and OH professionals responsible for wellbeing. We assume knowledge of discrimination law.


In any given week 1 in 6 of us may experience a mental health problem and many more have symptoms of mental ill health, including substance dependence*. Most people recover from their illness or can manage their symptoms.

Although there is greater awareness of mental health now, staff may be reluctant to speak to their manager about their mental health because of the stigma associated with it, or they may refuse help because they do not recognise they have a problem. Talking about a fluctuating condition is not easy but, without disclosure, an employer cannot make the often simple adjustments a colleague may need to give their best. The net result is absenteeism, presenteeism and lost talent. This Mental health and work training course covers an employer’s responsibilities with a focus on disclosure. Together with a workplace specialist from Rethink Mental Illness we cover how employers should talk to staff about mental wellbeing including the use of ‘pre-permission’.


09.00 registration and coffee, 09.30 start

Culture confidence and confidentiality

  • significance of the Thriving at Work,
  • Stephenson / Falmer report
  • culture and language
  • confidence, confidentiality and leadership

Mental health: legal framework

  • when does mental ill health become a disabilityand does it matter if it does not?
  • fluctuating conditions
  • duty of care: making allowances
  • health questionnaires: what can you ask?

Encouraging disclosure and response

  • spotting the signs: early intervention
  • individuals who do not seek help
  • broaching the subject, openness and honesty
  • similar symptoms: different problems
  • support, treatment and adjustment
  • using wellness action plans

Difficult areas (using case-studies)

  • bad backs and substance misuse: mental health conditions in disguise?
  • ‘soldiering on’ or ‘crying wolf’: dealing with both
  • rehabilitation: how far should you go?
  • managing a phased return to work
  • breakdown, meltdown and behavioural problems
  • medical process and delay
  • you are all out to get me’
  • presenteeism (and leavism)

New developments and case law

  • voluntary reporting framework
  • mental health first aid: benefits and problems
  • Baldeh v Churches Housing Association:
  • knowledge of disability

13.00 close, followed by lunch

Download the full mental health and work training course programme


Cost: £275

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Group discount:

10% discount for delegate 2 and subsequent delegates.

Online payment discount: 10%

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