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Webinar and Q&A: The Road to Recovery Practical insights as we prepare to return to the workplace

Who should attend

Following the UK Government’s recent tentative steps to easing lockdown restrictions there remains a level of uncertainty across business as to how our working world will safely resume under ‘normal’ conditions. This webinar is aimed to anyone who would like to understand the practical insights as we prepare to return to the workplace.


Join us as we discuss practical issues, thoughts and observations arising out of the lockdown, with a view to what is yet to come as the country looks to return to the workplace and re-engage commercial relationships. Our panel of legal experts will share experiences of advising clients through COVID-19 and we will also hear directly from our clients who are living these issues day-to-day within their own businesses.

We are delighted to be joined by Louise Durose, General Counsel, for MAN Energy Solutions and also Nishi Tailor, UK Head of Legal, for Fanatics who will share their thoughts and observations on recent events and what is to come.

Other points of discussion will include:

  • the “new normal” what is it and what might it mean;
  • the return to work – Employment and Health & Safety considerations; and
  • balancing litigation and commercial relationships as we work through the crisis
Speakers include: 

Our guest speakers:

  • Louise Durose - General Counsel, MAN Energy Solutions
  • Nishi Tailor - UK Head of Legal, Fanatics

The webinar will take the form of a practical session with live Q&A around experiences and practical tips. You are invited to contribute by submitting questions when registering. To express your interest in this webinar and to receive the dial in details please sign up using the button below.

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