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France - Working with the works council

Who should attend

This virtual training course is relevant to international HR managers, directors and legal (employment) counsels who are based in France or have responsibility for operations in France. It will also be useful to managers and directors who anticipate entering the French market and who need to be aware of employee participation rights in France.


It is a wide-spread belief amount HR experts of multinational companies that France is a complicated jurisdiction to operate in, in particular because of the employee representation rights granted to French employees in the form of a works council. This works council is often considered to have decision making powers and having the ability to block important decisions unless their approval is granted.

In truth, even if the French works council is a body that must seriously be taken into account when doing business in France, it is more often than not a key partner in managing transition and reorganisations, as well as planning for the company’s future.

Please note we are also running a Netherlands - working with the works council virtual course on 6 February 2023 and a Germany - working with the works council virtual course on 21 February 2023.


14.00 (GMT)


  • different types of employee participation
  • works councils
  • trade union representatives
  • cosultation and information rights


Legal framework

  • collective bargaining agreements
  • consultation and information rights


Formation and types of works councils

  • elections
  • company works council
  • European works councils


Rights of the works council

  • information
  • consultation


Legal protection of works council members

17.00 (GMT)


A short comfort break will take place part way through the session

Cost: £260

All prices are exclusive of VAT

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