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A work in progress? Hybrid working webinar with Acas

Who should attend

HR professionals.


We’d be delighted if you could join us at our webinar on 5 October, where we will be partnering with Acas to offer an interactive, practical and timely discussion of the key hybrid working issues employers need to be aware of.

Drawing upon our joint experience of supporting employers with their hybrid working strategies, we will discuss topics such as:

  • key considerations when planning your approach, including the legal implications
  • ensuring your proposals are consulted upon and effectively communicated
  • treating staff fairly and avoiding discrimination risks
  • our top tips for successfully embedding new ways of working

Of course for every employer confidently making public commitments to offer their staff home working on a permanent basis, there will be many others still weighing up their options. For those who are in that position, we recommend reviewing the Acas guidance on hybrid working which helps to place hybrid working in context and identifies some of the ground rules for implementation.

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