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Technology in Financial Services: Outsourcing and third party risk management webinar

Who should attend

Contacts in the financial services sector, who are advising in the area of technology, sourcing and wider digitalisation.


The Prudential Regulation Authority in the UK has recently published its latest supervisory statement on Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management, which describes its approach on implementation of the EBA Outsourcing Guidelines and otherwise consolidates the complex regulatory framework in this area.

We are delighted to be joined by two senior representatives from the PRA that are responsible for the supervisory statement, and also contacts in the technology legal teams from our banking and insurance clients to discuss this topic. The supervisory statement is applicable to a range of firms, including banks, building societies, insurance firms, investment firms and branches of overseas banks, so has wide application.

There has not been a bigger shake up of this area of regulation since MiFID in 2007, and this session provides you with the opportunity to hear focussed insight direct from the regulator, firms directly impacted by the supervisory statement and experienced advisers from Eversheds Sutherland. It will also connect you with your peers to discuss views and questions around the virtual table. 

Please click to register and take a moment to include any questions for the panel. Questions can also be submitted during the webinar itself, which will be run under the Chatham House Rules.


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