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Education webinar - An introduction to contracts for education institutions

Who should attend

This training event is aimed at anyone who works in the education sector.


This short session is aimed at anyone in an education institution with responsibility for drafting or reviewing business to business contracts. It is an introductory session for those who are not legally trained but are either new to contracting or are looking to refresh their general contracting knowledge.

We will cover:

1. Contract Formation – We will look at what a contract is and what elements need to be in place to ensure that a valid contract has been formed.

2. Key Terms – We will explain what key terms every contract should contain and discuss when to consider bespoke drafting or the inclusion of special terms.

3. Exclusions and Limitations – We will look at common exclusions and limitations and discuss how to include these within your contracts to ensure that the institution is protected from liability.

4. Boilerplate Clauses – We will look at the importance of “boilerplate” clauses and discuss key clauses which should be included.

5. Managing the Contract – Finally we will discuss ways in which you can manage the contract with the third party.

Cost: Free

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11:00 - 12:00 (Local time)