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Netherlands - working with the works council

Who should attend

This virtual training course is relevant to international HR managers, directors and legal (employment) counsels who are based in the Netherlands or have responsibility for operations in the Netherlands. It will also be useful to managers and directors who anticipate entering the Dutch market and who need to be aware of employee participation rights in the Netherlands.


It is a widespread belief among HR experts of (multinational/international) companies that it is difficult to operate in the Netherlands; some foreign companies may even refrain from setting-up a well-staffed business presence on the Dutch market because they believe that endless negotiations with employee representatives are unavoidable.

It is often the fear of the unknown and the strange body called “works council” which is believed to be causing nothing but trouble in the workplace. The truth of the matter is, however, far less scary and there are numerous benefits to be gained from working in close co-operation with a commercially aware and pro-active works council.

Please note that we also run virtual courses on Germany - working with the works council and France - working with the works council, if you are interested in these courses please drop an email to Employment Training to register your interest.


14.00 (GMT)


  • different types of employee participation
  • works councils vs trade unions

Legal framework

  • Works Councils Act (“Wet op de Ondernemingsraden”)
  • important definitions

Formation and types of works councils

  • provisional rules of procedure
  • elections
  • works council (“ondernemingsraad”)
  • joint works council (“gemeenschappelijke ondernemingsraad”)
  • groups works council and central works council (“groeps ondernemingsraad en centrale ondernemingsraad”)
  • European works councils

(Key) Rights of the works council

  • general rights of works council members and the works council in general to execute their/its tasks
  • information
  • right to render advice
  • right to give consent
  • appeal right
  • additional rights following from collective labour agreements

Obligations for works council members

  • confidentiality

Legal protection of works council members

  • protection against dismissal

17.00 (GMT)


A short comfort break will take place part way through the session.

Cost: £275

All prices are exclusive of VAT

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