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Legal articles, Tunisia

An alternative purchase price mechanism for M&A transactions12/09/2019
The Laws of Life with Garry Hertzberg - How to deal with Employees: Poor performance, incapacity and ill health10/09/2019
Selling your property? You have the right to choose your conveyancer 06/09/2019
Legal Factors every non-profit must consider before expanding into new countries- The NGO Whisperer Magazine04/09/2019
Department of Environmental Affairs | Requirement to submit a report generated by the national web based environmental screening tool30/08/2019
Africa: Botswana launches RfQ as part of 100 MW solar tender27/08/2019
Mali's new mining code ends tax exemptions, shortens regulatory stability period27/08/2019
The Property Sector Transformation Code: Estate agent’s take note16/08/2019
The Laws of Life with Garry Hertzberg - The Mining Industry in South Africa (PODCAST)13/08/2019
Could shareholders inadvertently cancel their Shareholders Agreement?02/08/2019
Environmental newsletter, Edition 1 - South Africa 01/08/2019
Financial Provision Regulations 201901/08/2019
Private prosecution of BP Southern Africa Proprietary Limited01/08/2019
Waste exclusion regulations, 2018 - Moving towards a circular economy01/08/2019
Tunisia: STEG Launches Three International Calls for Tenders25/07/2019
When tragedy strikes, follow due process19/07/2019
The fourth industrial revolution, automation, the internet of things and artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on mining, natural resources, and infrastructure sectors13/06/2019
Private prosecutions – the changing face of compliance in South Africa 13/06/2019
Health and safety in the workplace: how important is it?13/06/2019
Mining, natural resources and infrastructure newsletter, June 2019 - South Africa13/06/2019
Engaging with communities – has the Minister of Mineral Resources been tied up in knots?13/06/2019
Disruption in the African mining and natural resources sector 13/06/2019
Has the publication of Mining Charter 3 brought some policy and regulatory certainty to the embattled mining and natural resources sector?13/06/2019
The significance of force majeure provisions on contractual arrangements13/06/2019
Betting and Gaming amendments for South Africa 12/06/2019
Commodities bulletin: metals and minerals23/11/2018
Tunisia: Renewables Projects Update 01/11/2018
A leading light in Africa’s bright future22/10/2018
Global employment briefing: Egypt, October 201803/10/2018
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, October 201803/10/2018
Tunisia: The Prime Minister launches strategic pipeline of over 30 new large-scale PPP projects at International Investor Forum01/10/2018
Commodities bulletin: Dairy06/09/2018
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, June 201812/06/2018
Egypt: 600 MW BOO PV Tender19/12/2017
Zambia: GET FIT 100 MW Tender 14/12/2017
Recent employment developments in Gabon, Mali and Tunisia06/10/2017
Namibia’s Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Investor Conference 201714/06/2017
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, October 201605/10/2016
Top three construction cases: August 201617/08/2016
Boris Martor, explains how Eversheds has been developing a presence in Morocco 12/07/2016
Global employment briefing: Nigeria, May 201624/05/2016
Ivory Coast: Faciliating SME's access to Public contracts10/02/2016
Morocco: More transparency for Public Limited Companies10/02/2016
Africa e-briefing Feb 201610/02/2016
Tunisia | Global employment update 10/02/2016
Algeria: Towards the constitutionalisation of economic freedoms10/02/2016
Algeria: What impact will the new Finance Act have on investment10/02/2016
Ivory Coast - Steps towards lease regulations in the Ivory Coast10/02/2016
Global employment briefing: Tunisia - February 201601/02/2016
MENA: Algeria’s publication of draft PPA for solar PV and wind29/12/2015
Africa e-briefing Nov 201518/11/2015
Burkina Faso: a reform of the mining sector18/11/2015
Burundi: a reform of the electricity sector18/11/2015
Guinea: The bill containing the Investment Code is passed18/11/2015
ICC Dispute Board Rules 2015 – What’s new?18/11/2015
New Angolan Foreign Investment Law, Initial Summary Appraisal18/11/2015
We advise ProCredit Holding AG on the sale of its DRC banking operations Acting on German bank’s deal with Equity Group18/11/2015
Promulgation of the law No. 1/14 dated 27th April 2015 on the general regime applicable to public-private partnerships (hereafter “PPP”)18/11/2015
Corporate Governance at PetroSA through the Eyes of the Courts03/11/2015
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, October 201507/10/2015
Uganda: NWSC invites tenders for a waste-to-energy PPP in Kampala14/08/2015
Briefing July 201528/07/2015
Electrifying Africa – the hunt for the off-grid solution16/06/2015
The future of labour brokers in the face of the labour relations amendment act10/06/2015
The exclusion of trust assets from the joint estate of spouses married in community of property02/06/2015
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, May 201528/05/2015
TUNISIA adopts new legislation relating to electricity sourced from clean energy developments 27/05/2015
Morocco - New opportunities for investments of companies based in Morocco06/05/2015
Burundi – Reform of the electricity sector06/05/2015
Best of Benin06/05/2015
International arbitration Africa style06/05/2015
Mauritius - Attractiveness of Mauritius as a new seat of international arbitration06/05/2015
Tunisia: Adoption of the renewable energy law 06/05/2015
Africa E-briefing May 201505/05/2015
MENA: Egypt Feed-in Tariff programme update26/03/2015
Morocco: Central Noor IV – call for tenders23/03/2015
MENA: Egypt Feed-in Tariff programme update18/03/2015
Africa e-briefing March 201511/03/2015
SAAB Grintek Defence (Pty) Ltd v South African Police Service, State Information Technology Agency and Others10/03/2015
Gabon – Law n°007/2014 on the protection of the environment in the Republic of Gabon 09/03/2015
DRC – Accession to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards05/03/2015
UEMOA – The first credit bureaus (BICs) are being established in the member States of the UEMOA02/03/2015
MENA: Egypt FIT programme - important clarifications for Developer Consortia17/02/2015
MENA: Egypt FIT programme - important clarifications for Developer Consortia13/02/2015
MENA update: Egypt FIT - further clarifications and UAE - DEWA roof top installations02/02/2015
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, January 2015 28/01/2015
Africa e-briefing January 201526/01/2015
MENA: Important for all bidders pre-qualified under the Egyptian FIT (2)21/01/2015
MENA: Important for all bidders pre-qualified under the Egyptian FIT20/01/2015
Africa e-briefing December 201412/12/2014
Gambia PPP Opportunities11/12/2014
Reform of the foreign exchange in DRC11/12/2014
Employment update - August 201415/08/2014
Edition of the OHADA BLUE CODE28/07/2014
DRC - Deadline for compliance with the Uniform Act on Companies of September 12th, 201414/07/2014
PPP in Africa: Pushing the Boundaries14/07/2014
South Africa – Amendment to the Development Bank of Southern Africa Act14/07/2014
Tunisia – Telecommunication Sector14/07/2014
Benin - Measures to improve the business climate14/07/2014
Senegal – Adoption of a new Community Customs Code14/07/2014
Africa e-briefing July 201414/07/2014
Tunisia - Counterfeit medicines29/04/2014
DRC - Reminder of the tax regulation29/04/2014
Algeria – Entry into force of the New Mining Law29/04/2014
Inter-University diploma of OHADA’s Jurists 29/04/2014
OHADA – Reform of the procedures of the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration of OHADA 29/04/2014
Morocco – The social security system both covers employees in the public sector and the private sector29/04/2014
Ivory Coast – Detailed presentation of the New Mining Code29/04/2014
Kenya – Adoption of a new mining law 24/03/2014
Eversheds Africa Law Institute makes strides across Africa24/03/2014
Inter-University diploma of OHADA jurist24/03/2014
Mali/UEMOA – Usury Act24/03/2014
ECOWAS – Reforms in the ECOWAS24/03/2014
Sénégal – Adoption of the draft law on partnership agreements24/03/2014
Ivory Coast – Adoption of the New Electricity Code and the New Mining Code24/03/2014
Africa e-briefing March 201424/03/2014
Cameroon – Calling into question the application of the competition regulation in Cameroon13/02/2014
Djibouti - New Law on the Prevention and Fight Against Corruption13/02/2014
OHADA – Adoption of a New Uniform act on Commercial Companies and Economic Interest Groups13/02/2014
Democratic Republic of Congo – Draft Hydrocarbon Bill13/02/2014
Algeria – Changes derived from new Finance Law 2014 impacting the shareholding of foreigners in Algerian companies13/02/2014
Minutes of EALI Summit – Paris – 21-22 January 201413/02/2014
Eversheds Africa e-briefing: February 201413/02/2014
Global employment briefing: Tunisia, January 201430/01/2014
EALI e-briefing January 201409/01/2014
Africa Law Institute e-briefing - December 201305/12/2013
Eversheds Africa e-briefing: June 201327/06/2013
Tunisia - Ratification of ILO international conventions concerning professional relationships within companies26/06/2013
Tunisia - Social Contract for Tunisia17/05/2013
Senegal - Implementation of the new tax code - Increase of the corporation tax rate26/03/2013
Ebola outbreak: Is it a force majeure event?01/01/2012
Construction Good faith in English law01/01/2012