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Eversheds articles, China

TitlePublication date
China in focus - China implements a more regulated social insurance regime 28 January 2011
China in focus - An open door to the UK for business and work? 27 January 2011
China in focus - The Bribery Act 2010 and its international impact 30 November 2010
China's Ministry of Commerce celebrates the second anniversary of its anti-monopoly law by announcing conditional clearance of Novartis' acquisition of Alcon 31 August 2010
China in focus - MOFCOM releases new Divestment Rules 3 August 2010
China in focus - China fines agricultural companies for agreeing to raise the price of their products 16 July 2010
China in focus - Shanghai Pudong new area - new policy: establishment of a Sinoforeign EJV and CJV by a domestic natural person 26 May 2010
China in focus - Eversheds China Head appointed as Chairman of Energy Working Group for the EUCCC in Shanghai 18 May 2010
China in focus - China's NDRC endorses fines against rice noodle producers for price fixing 13 April 2010
China in focus: New China Tort Liability Law 20 February 2010
China Briefing: China tightens controls on representative offices of foreign enterprises 11 February 2010
China in focus: Chinese internet search engine Baidu cleared of abuse of dominance in China's second antitrust court decision 14 January 2010
China in focus: Chinese wind farm projects rejected by UN 08 December 2009
China in focus: China publishes its first procedural rules on anti-trust investigations 16 June 2009
China in focus: China's Antitrust Enforcement Authority shows its teeth 19 May 2009
China in focus: MOFCOM amends China’s Outbound Investment Rules 27 April 2009
China in focus: Ministry of Commerce rules against Coca-Cola take over bid 23 March 2009
China in focus: Ministry of Commerce attempts to clarify China's merger filing rules 30 January 2009
China in focus: Impact of new regulations controlling forex inflow and new incentives finally issued for encouraging multinational corporations to establish regional headquarters in Shanghai 30 January 2009
A harbinger of things to come? 29 September 2008
What can we learn from Microsoft's first antitrust case in China? 03 September 2008
Olympic competition - how China's new anti-monopoly regime is shaping up 07 August 2008
Shanghai Stock Exchange opens up to FIE listings 21 April 2008
Key amendments to the Foreign Investment Industrial Guidance Catalogue 03 December 2007
China in focus: New China franchising regime - filing and information disclosure 09 November 2007
China anti-trust alert - China's anti-trust law draft edges closer to promulgation 8 August 2007
Breaking News: New employment contract law is passed 12 July 2007