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The shape of things to come - What to expect in the Year of the Ox16/02/2021
US Target China's National Offshore Oil Corporation with Export Sanctions 26/01/2021
US Target China's National Offshore Oil Corporation with Export Sanctions26/01/2021
Brexit: knowing where you stand - Understanding the EU-UK trade deal 解析英国-欧盟贸易合作协议及其影响 21/01/2021
Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Provides Further Guidance on the Sex Discrimination Ordinance in the “Long Hair” Case 18/01/2021
Updates on the Implementation of the New Laws on Maternity Leave18/01/2021
Working From Home – The Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner’s Practical Guidance for Employers and Employees on Data Security and Personal Data Protection18/01/2021
COVID-19 - Visa Extension Applications by Non-Permanent Residents Outside Hong Kong18/01/2021
The Importance of Right Timing – No Delay in Application for Injunction to Restrain Former Employees from Competing18/01/2021
China Unveils New National Security Review Measures For Foreign Investment11/01/2021
Unpacking US-China sanctions and export control regulations: practical compliance strategies04/01/2021
Unpacking US-China sanctions and export control regulations: practical compliance strategies04/01/2021
The EU-China BIT Negotiation and the Position of Chinese SOEs as Investors 欧盟-中国双边投资条约的谈判以及中国国有企业作为投资者的身份 30/12/2020
Hong Kong proposes licensing regime for virtual asset service provider11/12/2020
Congress passes bipartisan legislation requiring Chinese and other firms listed on US exchanges to meet US audit standards09/12/2020
Congress passes bipartisan legislation requiring Chinese and other firms listed on US exchanges to meet US audit standards09/12/2020
Trump Administration bans transactions involving publicly traded securities of designated Chinese military companies30/11/2020
Trump Administration bans transactions involving publicly traded securities of designated Chinese military companies30/11/2020
SEC amends “accredited investor” definition - A comparative look at the positions in US, UK and Hong Kong26/11/2020
Draft Personal Data Protection Law Released in PRC19/11/2020
Hong Kong Court of Appeal upholds bonus payment and restricts employers’ right to make deductions27/10/2020
Parent Company Held Liable as Joint Employer of Subsidiaries’ Employees21/10/2020
Changes to Hong Kong maternity rights coming in December19/10/2020
Illuminating the new normal - Asia-Pacific legal counsel in a time of unprecedented change08/09/2020
China set to widen pilot trials of central bank digital currency 中国将更广泛地开展央行数字货币试点测试03/09/2020
Asia - An international perspective – Views on key issues from around the globe01/09/2020
The Limited Partnership Fund Ordinance comes into operation31/08/2020
Part 4 – Overview of the limited partnership fund: So long, partner-ship – dissolution and winding up options28/08/2020
Part 3 – Overview of the limited partnership fund: Safe harbors for limited partners24/08/2020
Coronavirus - Hong Kong Government Issues Guidance on Dealing with a confirmed CoVID-19 case in the Workplace - Hong Kong17/08/2020
Part 2 - Overview of the limited partnership fund: LPF Registration 10114/08/2020
China publishes Draft Data Security Law 中国发布了《数据安全法(草案)》14/08/2020
Part 1 - Overview of the limited partnership fund: How does Hong Kong match up to the Cayman Islands and Singapore?07/08/2020
New visa route for British National (Overseas) Citizens04/08/2020
Patent linkage and patent term compensation are coming to China31/07/2020
Putting paperless court proceedings into action – Court Proceedings (Electronic Technology) Bill passed24/07/2020
Hong Kong passes bill to increase maternity leave from 10 weeks to 14 weeks16/07/2020
China has started pilot trials of central bank digital currency 中国先行展开央行数字货币试点测试16/07/2020
The Limited Partnership Fund: A new fund structure for Hong Kong14/07/2020
More Stringent Requirements for Hong Kong Occupational Retirement Schemes Introduced06/07/2020
Hong Kong anti-discrimination ordinances now apply more broadly24/06/2020
IOSCO consults on new proposed principles on outsourcing11/06/2020
Health check: Do you know what your licensed corporation is doing overseas?27/05/2020
Hong Kong Employment Support Scheme: What you need to know22/05/2020
HK Government further refines its Employment Support Scheme14/05/2020
China issues New Cybersecurity Review Measures13/05/2020
Competition Tribunal adopts “structured methodological approach” to penalties06/05/2020
Coronavirus: Further conditions imposed on the Hong Kong Government’s Employment Support Scheme - Hong Kong24/04/2020
Black Swan Alert: Oil Price Collapse 24/04/2020
An Asia Pacific Guide to Force Majeure23/04/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update – China22/04/2020
To (Re)pay or Not to (Re)pay21/04/2020
Coronavirus: Hong Kong Government provides more details on the Employment Support Scheme - Hong Kong17/04/2020
Coronavirus - Hong Kong Government provides more details on the Employment Support Scheme - Hong Kong 17/04/2020
Can’t Litigate? Let’s Arbitrate14/04/2020
Coronavirus: Hong Kong Employers, travel industry receive support – Hong Kong09/04/2020
Coronavirus - Travel industry receives support – Hong Kong09/04/2020
Coronavirus – Impact on AGMs – Hong Kong08/04/2020
Coronavirus – Impact on AGMs – Hong Kong08/04/2020
When does private no longer mean private? Implications of a challenge to the SFC’s accessing of digital devices in an investigation01/04/2020
Coronavirus - Supply chain disruption - Global27/03/2020
Black Swan Alert: Closure of Philippines Stock Exchange and Record Low Base Rates - Impact on Hedging and Financing Documents20/03/2020
Coronavirus - The use of Personal Data in connection with Covid-19 – Hong Kong18/03/2020
Mar 2020 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter17/03/2020
Courts Returning to Business - Hong Kong03/03/2020
Coronavirus - Employment law update - Hong Kong27/02/2020
Disclosure of Beneficial Owners of Counterparties in Corporate Transactions27/02/2020
Three Rivers runs through it - Consequences of applying the dominant purpose test to legal advice privilege 20/02/2020
New ESG requirements for Hong Kong listed issuers17/02/2020
The shape of things to come - What to expect in the Year of the Rat14/02/2020
Coronavirus - initial global contractual issues relating to outbreak in China03/02/2020
Coronavirus - key legal challenges and solutions for the international energy industry03/02/2020
Changes on the horizon in 2020: China and Hong Kong’s proposed reforms to data protection, cyber security and Internet content regulation24/01/2020
Hong Kong Government introduces bill to increase maternity leave from 10 weeks to 14 weeks16/01/2020
The Importance of Structuring Employee Termination Payments 16/01/2020
DOJ further aligns Export Control and Sanctions Enforcement Policy with FCPA enforcement practices14/01/2020
2020 - The year to get licensed - A new start for PE firms and family offices10/01/2020
A step closer to paperless court proceedings - Court Proceedings (Electronic Technology) Bill07/01/2020
Show me the Money! - The SFC Moves to Regulate Depositaries of SFC-authorised Collective Investment Schemes11/12/2019
Dec 2019 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter 05/12/2019
Hong Kong: A Safe Seat for India-Related Disputes?25/11/2019
Hong Kong’s Electronic Business Related Arbitration and Mediation Platform18/11/2019
Preventing an employee from backing out before the commencement date22/10/2019
Dangerous seas ahead - the California Consumer Privacy Act and litigation risk15/10/2019
Now In Force: Hong Kong – Mainland Arrangement Concerning Mutual Assistance in Interim Measures in Aid of Arbitration Proceedings02/10/2019
GRR Article - Mutual Recognition between China and Hong Kong30/09/2019
Tightening the Rules of Backdoor Listings16/09/2019
E-banking continues to be targeted by criminals – HKMA alerts banks on recent cyber security incidents13/06/2019
Hong Kong’s European network of Memoranda of Understanding 07/06/2019
Lift off for Hong Kong’s Competition Regime23/05/2019
Self-reporting made easy? New e-form by SFC to submit para. 12.5 Notifications20/05/2019
Bangladesh: ES advises on award-winning, first-in-country solar pv financing for Technaf Solartech, paving the way for three new wind projects with a total capacity of 150 MW17/05/2019
Data Privacy Implications of the use of CCTV Footage in the press24/04/2019
Hong Kong Court Finds Enforcement of Arbitration Award Barred by Section 4(1)(c) of the Limitation Ordinance Cap 34717/04/2019
Hong Kong Court Continues Anti-suit Injunction to Restrain PRC Proceedings 17/04/2019
Hong Kong Court Refuses Leave to Appeal on Question of Law and Clarifies the Application of Schedule 2 of the Arbitration Ordinance Cap 609 17/04/2019
Apr 2019 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter 15/04/2019
A guide to the current and proposed foreign investment regimes in the UK, Germany, EU, US and China18/02/2019
Corporate tracker – key legislation12/02/2019
Jan 2019 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter 31/01/2019
Huawei arrest may impact trade war truce between China and the United States07/12/2018
California Regulates the Internet-Of-Things30/11/2018
Nov 2018 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter26/11/2018
SFC enhances its regulatory framework to manage crypto-asset risks02/11/2018
Important win for SFC as Appeal Court says SFC does not have the burden of proof in proceedings before the MMT15/10/2018
Global employment briefing: China and Hong Kong, October 201803/10/2018
China and Hong Kong Employment Law Update03/10/2018
SFC reminded firms to maintain financial well-being against systemic risk28/09/2018
Shortening the long arm of the law –the Second Circuit limits the extraterritorial reach of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act04/09/2018
Jul 2018 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter27/07/2018
China further relaxes restrictions on foreign investments10/07/2018
Key takeaways from the 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum25/06/2018
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, June 2018 12/06/2018
Legal Alert: CFTC takes steps to increase regulatory oversight of virtual currency markets05/06/2018
China Cybersecurity Law One Year On01/06/2018
Employment Legal Update – May 201830/05/2018
Hold on to your hats! Russia moves on counter-sanctions18/05/2018
Getting the Deal Through: Dominance 2018 - Hong Kong16/05/2018
Legal Alert: New York attorney general launches fact-finding inquiry into trading platforms for virtual currencies23/04/2018
Apr 2018 - ESAPA Client eNewsletter18/04/2018
Investing in Infrastructure Opportunities in Brunei Darussalam09/04/2018
Legal Alert: China faces potential new trade restrictions26/03/2018
SFC’s First ICO Regulatory Action21/03/2018
New listing regime for emerging and innovative companies 08/03/2018
Helping it click into place - Our monthly Asia cybersecurity update02/03/2018
Hong Kong Voluntary Liquidation: recognition granted in landmark US Bankruptcy Court ruling01/03/2018
Significant Controllers and Licensing Regimes08/02/2018
Truth Be Told – Witness Preparation in Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States02/02/2018
Are robo-advisory services the way to go?02/02/2018
Global employment briefing: China, January 201831/01/2018
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, January 201831/01/2018
Hong Kong Law Employment Update29/01/2018
China Law Employment Update29/01/2018
The Reform of GEM 22/12/2017
Bitcoin Futures Contracts and Related Products – the View from the Securities and Futures Commission21/12/2017
HKMA publishes DLT Whitepaper 2.0 30/11/2017
Banks owe no duty of care to an applicant of an injunction order29/11/2017
New Register of Significant Controllers - Hong Kong 14/11/2017
M&A to outpace IPOs in ASEAN as entrepreneurial ventures mature: Sze-Hui Goh, Eversheds Harry Elias10/11/2017
Conclusions on Joint Consultation on Listing Regulation24/10/2017
SFC raids multiple small caps in Hong Kong's largest financial raid24/10/2017
Brexit: Implications for China’s Restructuring/Insolvency Industry16/10/2017
Personal accountability, culture, risk management: the HKMA rolls out enhanced Corporate Governance and Risk Management regime13/10/2017
Recent developments in the Singapore healthcare sector12/10/2017
China Securitisation: Legal and Rating Developments09/10/2017
Hong Kong Fintech Firms to Play in the Sandbox29/09/2017
Increased global co-operation between financial regulators29/09/2017
Legal Alert: US Treasury Department Imposes New Sanctions on North Korean Financial Institutions28/09/2017
HKEx publishes proposal on delisting companies28/09/2017
New corporate legislations in Hong Kong27/09/2017
SFC Regulating Initial Coin Offerings?07/09/2017
Court of Appeal holds standard non-reliance clause an ‘unconscionable term’, bank liable for investment losses28/08/2017
China launches “Court of the Internet”24/08/2017
Caught between a rock and a hard place, a Hong Kong-Based accounting firm agrees to revocation of its US registration with the PCAOB31/07/2017
Singapore released proposed Cybersecurity Bill for public consultation 21/07/2017
The PRC authorities published draft regulations on cybersecurity for public consultation20/07/2017
The Trump Administration and Chinese Investment in the US13/07/2017
UAE severs diplomatic ties with Qatar15/06/2017
Implementing the HKMA’s Bank Culture Reform Circular12/06/2017
DSFO v ENRC: The English court clarifies and restates the law on privilege in internal investigations12/06/2017
SFC’s Managers in Charge Regime: Deadline for Compliance Draws Near09/06/2017
Treat Customers Fairly: HKMA issues new ‘Dear CEO letter’ to Private Wealth Management Firms08/06/2017
Hong Kong Employment Law update05/06/2017
Global employment briefing: China, June 201701/06/2017
FCA and SFC sign FinTech co-operation agreement between the UK and Hong Kong01/06/2017
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, June 2017 01/06/2017
CHINA: Getting prepared for the new Cybersecurity Law11/05/2017
Dominance – Hong Kong04/05/2017
Vietnam launches FIT programme04/05/2017
A commentary on So Sau Lai Connie v DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd 25/04/2017
Update on China’s new Cybersecurity Law: more clarity on the restrictions in relation to data transfer outside of China21/04/2017
Getting prepared for the new Cybersecurity Law12/04/2017
Volatility and opportunity: Energy M&A in Asia-Pacific10/04/2017
Hong Kong Competition Commission fires the starting gun on enforcement 27/03/2017
Consultation Paper on Amendments to the Professional Investor Rules in Hong Kong – the SFC Seeks the Industry’s Feedback03/03/2017
Consultation Paper on Proposals to Enhance Asset Management Regulation and Point-of-sale Transparency – Eversheds submits comments on behalf of the industry03/03/2017
Eversheds Sutherland Employment and Pensions App 02/03/2017
A focus on dispute resolution in the Year of the Rooster20/02/2017
Standby Letter of Credit: stringent approach in establishing fraud exception14/02/2017
Say you’re sorry – The Hong Kong Apology Bill14/02/2017
Global employment briefing: China, February 201701/02/2017
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, February 201701/02/2017
Hong Kong: big changes for pension and severance in the pipeline 18/01/2017
Timely reminder for directors in Hong Kong: UK competition authority disqualifies director for the first time following a breach of competition law by his company19/12/2016
New ‘name and shame’ regime in PRC for breaches of labour law in force on 1 January 201716/12/2016
Does Brexit really mean Brexit?12/12/2016
The dangers of salary benchmarking: Hong Kong Competition Commission advises HR trade associations not to publish salary projections 08/12/2016
NewLaw in Asia07/12/2016
The Competition Ordinance – The Story So Far10/11/2016
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, October 201604/10/2016
SFC commences Market Misconduct Tribunal proceedings against former CEO of SkyNet Group Limited and related parties for false trading20/09/2016
Development Programme for Independent Non-Executive Directors 09/09/2016
Securities and Futures Commission commences Market Misconduct Tribunal proceedings against former CEO of SkyNet Group Limited (formerly known as China AU Group Holdings Limited at the material time) and related parties for false trading09/09/2016
Bank held liable for breach of advisory duty in sale of investment products19/08/2016
Accessing foreign investment protection for international construction and engineering projects19/07/2016
Blockchain – considering the regulatory horizon 27/06/2016
What would a Brexit mean for EU businesses operating in the UK?20/06/2016
Blockchain: ESMA’s Discussion Paper: Distributed Ledger Technology Applied to Securities Markets15/06/2016
Hong Kong Court of Appeal confirms employers cannot dismiss to avoid bonus payments01/06/2016
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong, May 201620/05/2016
Global employment briefing: China, May 201620/05/2016
Digital Financial Services: Protecting your business from cyber security threats16/05/2016
Asia-Pacific energy M&A stays strong despite market volatility04/03/2016
Compulsory reinstatement and re-engagement is on the horizon29/02/2016
Global employment briefing: Hong Kong - February 201601/02/2016
Japanese Renewables: Announcement of Draft Report by ANRE Subcommittee on the Reform of Renewable Energy Regulations 26/01/2016
Eversheds One Belt One Road (OBOR) Webinar18/01/2016
The Restructuring Review - Hong Kong27/10/2015
EU and China sign up to cooperation agreement on merger review21/10/2015
Working Hours in Hong Kong – Consultation That’s Taking its Time…19/10/2015
Countdown to the Competition Ordinance - Competition Commission publishes and invites comments on draft cartel leniency policy 08/10/2015
The influence of public law on the development of China securitisation27/08/2015
The Launch of Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds27/08/2015
Court of Appeal adopts a pragmatic approach to legal advice privilege in Hong Kong 03/08/2015
Countdown to the Competition Ordinance - Hong Kong regime set for full implementation from 14 December 2015 31/07/2015
Iran Sanctions Update: US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany agree sanctions relief for Iran 14/07/2015
New modern slavery disclosure duties: are you ready?14/07/2015
CHINA: Carbon reduction goals09/07/2015
NDRC delivers record fine in the Chinese automotive sector 12/05/2015
Countdown to the Competition Ordinance - Competition Commission revises its draft Substantive and Procedural Guidelines10/04/2015
Countdown to the Competition Ordinance – The Five Steps to (Compliance) Heaven25/02/2015
Qualcomm agrees $975 million fine and behavioural remedies in return for settlement of Chinese antitrust investigation18/02/2015
China: Renew your Business Licence by 28th Feb 2015 30/01/2015
Global employment briefing: China, January 201528/01/2015
New SAFE regulations expected to aid offshore bond financings27/01/2015
Countdown to the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance27/01/2015
Regulation of insurance intermediaries27/01/2015
Mandatory reporting of Over-The-Counter (OTC) derivatives27/01/2015
Widening of anti-discrimination laws27/01/2015
Black Swan Event Alert23/01/2015
MOFCOM publishes first ever decision relating to failure to file22/12/2014
Hong Kong co-published extraterritorial survey01/10/2014
China’s National Development and Reform Commission imposes record fines against 12 Japanese auto-parts companies for 10 year long price fixing cartel22/08/2014
Opening the gates for outbound investment04/08/2014
Chinese Outbound Investments Made Easier under New NDRC Measures24/06/2014
China’s Ministry of Commerce announces intention to investigate 80 industries regarding possible anti-competitive conduct23/06/2014
China marks fifth anniversary of its anti-monopoly law with landmark vertical price fixing decision08/11/2013
Hong Kong plans Paternity Leave03/06/2013
Jiangsu Amended its Regulations on Labour Contract 03/06/2013
New Draft of Administration Regulations on Entry and Exit 03/06/2013
SAT Provides Clarifications on PE Issues for Secondment 03/06/2013
Tianjin Issues Implementation Regulations on Labour Contract Law03/06/2013
Guangdong Prohibits Fines or Salary Deduction as Disciplinary Measures03/06/2013
China in focus - China Implements A More Regulated Social Insurance Regime28/01/2011
China in focus - An open door to the UK for business and work?27/01/2011
Eversheds' China in focus e-briefing - The Bribery Act 2010 and its international impact30/11/2010
China's Ministry of Commerce celebrates the second anniversary of its anti-monopoly law by announcing conditional clearance of Novartis' acquisition of Alcon31/08/2010
China in focus e-briefing - MOFCOM releases new Divestment Rules03/08/2010
China fines agricultural companies for agreeing to raise the price of their products16/07/2010