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Interim Resourcing Asia experience

Singapore and Hong Kong case studies

Each case study is a snapshot of the work that Interim Resourcing Asia regularly helps with.

A leading communications company

A leading communications company, had a secondment requirement to fill a gap in their legal team. Due to a senior lawyer in the team having to take on a different portfolio for an interim period there was a need for a secondee to backfill the role for approximately 6 months. The role was to manage the key commercial contracts for the SE Asia region.

Interim Resourcing Asia were able to provide them with a mid-level lawyer with prior in-house technology experience. They worked remotely out of our office in Singapore and were supervised by a principal associate within the Interim Resourcing Asia team. This meant that the client was freed up to focus on other aspects of their job but they had the peace of mind to know that Interim Resourcing Asia were providing support and knowledge.

Global investment bank

This bank is a great supporter of global mobility and staff development. As a result of an internal secondment, the Hong Kong treasury team had a 12 month requirement for a junior lawyer to support them. The team works across Asia and has a close working relationship with teams in other jurisdictions such as Singapore and China.

Interim Resourcing Asia were able to provide a lawyer for this secondment with Mandarin language skills. The experience of the lawyer, together with the language skills proved to be extremely beneficial to a busy team, enabling them to continue to provide a consistently high level of service to their clients and to respond to deals in a timely manner.

The trade finance team of the same bank requested an Interim Resourcing Asia placement to cover maternity leave in their team in Singapore. The Partner in Hong Kong who is a specialist in trade finance and has worked closely with the trade finance team for many years was closely involved with the placement and personally screened the lawyer profiles before they were submitted to ensure a close fit with the client team.

As the location of the placement was flexible, the trade finance team work across both Singapore and Hong Kong, candidate profiles were submitted for both locations. The hiring manager was able to review a short list of lawyers, all of whom were extremely qualified for the role. At the end of the assignment, they asked if they could extend the assignment to continue working with the same lawyer within another division in the team.

Global financial institution

The client is a major Hong Kong financial services body, working on some large scale and very interesting projects in response to changes in law related to this field. As a team they are extremely busy and during an internal review they identified a backlog of regulatory/investigations work needed which could not be completed in time by the existing team resource.

When the client spoke with Interim Resourcing Asia, they needed a lawyer with a regulatory background, with around 5-7 years’ experience. The lawyer placed with this organisation was returning to work after a two year break to raise a family. She has returned to work full time, however the client was able to agree to flexible working hours to allow her to finish earlier and travel home in time for her family commitments. Prior to her career break, this lawyer had been working in a similar area within a global financial institution and previous to this, was at a magic circle firm.

Global Corporate

This global corporate entity has a small local Hong Kong legal team. When one of the team members relocated to the US headquarters, they needed to recruit a permanent replacement. While they were recruiting, there was a two month gap between when the incumbent left and a suitable hire was identified.

To cover the two month period and enable service delivery while the team were at low capacity, the client discussed a potential secondment. An Interim Resourcing Asia lawyer was identified with the required skills to be able to work independently and pick up work seamlessly. The Interim Resourcing Asia lawyer was a senior and experienced lawyer with a commercial legal background and a wealth of in-house experience in large global corporations.

Interim Resourcing Asia were able to support and add value during the placement by providing experience and know-how. The senior lawyer was able to interact directly with a Partner to gain quick and quality support from the firm.