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Beyond Borders: Eversheds Sutherland's ICR insights series. EU Mobility Directive – Legal Update – Czech Republic24/11/2022
Legal news in brief | Czech Republic04/04/2022
Data box news31/03/2022
Change of rules for distribution relationships 30/03/2022
Regulations governing cannabis growing eased08/03/2022
Increase in the minimum wage to CZK 16,20020/12/2021
Major changes in the rules for offsetting the oldest debt20/12/2021
New rules for the minimum wage in international transport (Mobility Package)20/12/2021
Break time and entitlement to pay 20/12/2021
Parent company's liability for a subsidiary's breach of competition law20/12/2021
Length of enforcement proceedings and calculating debt recovery20/12/2021
Whistleblowing postponed!14/10/2021
Return of employees from abroad12/10/2021
New rules for data transfers outside the EU21/09/2021
When is a property owner liable for damage?21/09/2021
Real Estate Transfers in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic03/09/2021
Amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals 31/08/2021
Real estate transfers in the Czech Republic | Common mistakes and Invitation to a webinar30/08/2021
Automatic transcriptions of beneficial owners do not work as they should03/08/2021
Withdrawal from non-compete clauses without a reason is possible30/06/2021
Greater protection for minor debtors30/06/2021
Gambling in Ukraine legalized30/06/2021
New Act on the Registration of Beneficial Owners12/05/2021
Coronavirus - State Aid for entrepreneurs and employees – Czech Republic06/11/2020
Coronavirus - Culture subsidy program - Czech Republic06/11/2020
Coronavirus – Covid-Rent support program - Czech Republic 02/11/2020
Coronavirus - Mode C of the Antivirus Programme – Czech Republic20/07/2020
Coronavirus - COVID-Rent support programme – Czech Republic20/07/2020
Coronavirus – COVID III and COVID Plus programmes – Czech Republic22/06/2020
Coronavirus – Antivirus Employment Support Program – Czech Republic 15/06/2020
Coronavirus – Practical employers guide – Czech Republic22/05/2020
Coronavirus - Which approach in commercial leases - Czech Republic23/04/2020
Coronavirus - Antivirus Employment Retention Program – Czech Republic16/04/2020
Coronavirus - Insolvency and extraordinary moratorium – Czech Republic16/04/2020
Coronavirus – Lex Covid Justice – Czech Republic16/04/2020
Coronavirus - Contracts and force majeure - Czech Republic15/04/2020
Coronavirus – How to sign documents remotely – Czech Republic15/04/2020
Coronavirus – COVID II and III guarantee programs – Czech Republic09/04/2020
Coronavirus - Business interruption loss recovery - Czech Republic 09/04/2020