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Environmental Law, Waste Management, Czech Republic

In the area of public commercial law, environmental law issues in particular will be at the forefront in upcoming years. These will gain in importance for entrepreneurs at every stage of corporate governance as well as in construction and territorial planning law. In industrialised countries, it is based on increasing environmental awareness, capital market demands on environmentally compatible business activities, and on propensity for conflict between the interests of the industry and public interest.

Waste management in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is undergoing changes from landfills to sustainable methods of reusing waste. Our firm provides legal advice in these processes, and through countless publications and lectures, has established a leading market position. Our firm is a partner of the web portal

The operation of industrial plants is subject to strict legal regulation especially due to EU legislation and increased public interest (the key word is “Aarhus Convention”).

Legal services provided by our team include advice on:

  • A legal framework regulating the operation of industrial plants (new permits and their amendments).
  • Environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments.
  • Legal support during the process of adaption to the best available techniques.
  • Forestry law and conservation law.
  • Air pollution law.
  • Chemical substance law (REACH).
  • Seveso II; legal support for plant safety and hazardous substances.
  • Legal support regarding environmental burdens and their removal.
  • Exploitation and extraction of mineral resources.
  • Legal advice on carbon capture and storage.
  • Permission management.
  • Legal support for associations and authorities on environmental issues.
  • Approval and operation of waste treatment facilities.
  • Approval, operation, closure and aftercare of landfills.
  • Legal advice on the disposal of packaging, electrical equipment, batteries and other system solutions.
  • Development of concepts for the project "Waste to Energy".
  • Obtaining permission for recycling systems and waste collectors/treaters.
  • Legal advice on the cross-border transport of waste – notification process.
  • Application of the principle of the priority processing of waste and its contractual framework (waste management contracts).
  • Legal advice on proper treatment, recycling and disposal of waste.