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Family businesses, successorship, family business governance, Czech Republic

We are leading experts on the owning and building of family businesses. We offer family business owners advisory services in a wide range of areas with respect to the interconnection of company and family, ownership and management. The operation of family businesses is an area that our firm has been focusing on for a long time. Our experts also engage in publication and lecturing activities in this field. We are among the pioneers in this field in the Czech Republic.

Our advisory services in this area:

We provide comprehensive legal support in successorship cases and transfers of business across generations, including preparation of successorship projects, project management and drafting of complete legal documentation. We can also ensure the support of other relevant professionals in these projects.

We are specialists in family business governance and family governance. We help create and set up internal rules for the successful and healthy operation of businesses and families. We help create family constitutions and assist in building the statutory bodies of the family and company.

We offer complete legal support in the creation of family holdings and the setting up of legal relations in entrepreneurial families.

We offer legal support in the investments of family businesses and the building of joint ventures. We help set up legal relations between shareholders – members of the family and other shareholders.

We help business owners and members of their family protect their investments by setting up and implementing suitable legal structures.

We prepare inheritance plans and handle questions of inheritance.