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Real Estate and Construction Law, Czech Republic

We advise in relation to many types of real estate assets, including administrative, retail, hotel & accommodation and leisure buildings, logistics and residential buildings. We have also rich experience in construction of power generating facilities (solar power stations, wind parks, biomass incinerators).

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of construction, development, investment, leasing and asset management models and financing structures.

We also provide legal advice at all the stages of construction and permit proceedings. Due to the public’s sensitivity, especially with respect to large infrastructure and investment projects, all legal aspects of these projects should be taken into account.

Our office is a member of the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs.

The legal services provided by our team include in particular advice on:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate, both lands (greenfield and brownfield) and buildings (office, retail and warehouse facilities).
  • Structuring and transfer of shares in real estate project companies and funds.
  • Forming ownership structures of companies and funds owning real estate (for finance, taxes, etc.).
  • Sale and lease-back of commercial real estate as well as real estate portfolios.
  • Due diligence procedures for both sellers and purchasers, including organisation and control of the data room; as well as reviewing due diligence reports prepared by other legal advisors.
  • Comprehensive legal support in development, including the drafting and negotiation of EPC contracts and legal support in zoning and building proceedings.
  • Photovoltaic power stations development.
  • Negotiating insurance against financial damage related to a defective real estate title (title insurance).
  • Commercial facility management (both on the part of landlord and tenant), including green leases and business centre development.
  • Representation in construction proceedings securing permits for infrastructure projects (e.g. airports, road projects, shopping malls, technology and business parks, building and extensions to skiing resorts, railway projects).
  • Legal advice in the resolution of construction disputes and contractual disputes relating to contracts for work.
  • Environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments.
  • Legal support in planning, permits and construction of water management projects (sewers, flood defences).
  • Cross-border infrastructure projects (gas pipelines and power lines).
  • Selection of sites according to the zoning plan criteria and representation in permit proceedings, including coordination of the actions of the competent authorities, private and official experts and other decision makers.
  • Legal support during communication with the public.
  • Representation in land use proceedings.