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Maivi Ots is the Attorney of the Year

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On 30/12/2020 the Estonian Bar Association announced Attorneys of the Year 2019. Maivi Ots, the Managing Partner of Eversheds Sutherland was one of three to earn the recognition. The Bar Association emphasised her breadth of vision, high level of energy, enthusiasm and efficiency. Maivi is an excellent leader and a good person. In the opinion of her colleagues, she is one of the smartest attorneys in Estonia.

Congratulations for being named Attorney of the Year also go to Hannes Vallikivi and Karina Lõhmus-Ein.

The title of “Attorney of the Year” is a recognition awarded annually to up to three attorneys who have been outstanding in the previous year whether for their high professional level, for excellently promoting the profession of attorney, for being a good and reliable colleague for other attorneys or law professionals, for participation in voluntary efforts, promoting public discussions or for deserving honourable mentioning or recognition for other achievements.

The colleagues of Maivi Ots, the Managing Partner of Eversheds Sutherlands nominated her to the title of “Attorney of the Year”, because they are convinced that her professional skills are exceptional.

For example, in 2019, Maivi advised a number of major transactions in the region, including such publicly known projects as the sale of Baltic Classified Group to APAX, the transactions of Lindström and Fenestra. Maivi also made a significant contribution into the law-making process, participating in 2019, for instance, in the work of the corporate law revision committee, where she initiated the amendment related to monetary financing prohibition and protection of capital.

Maivi’s approach to work also deserves a special mention, for her the greatest motivating factor is her own and clients’ satisfaction with the result that the work produces. In the words of her younger colleagues, it is her ability of response immediately is what inspires them to be better and faster as well.

Long-term clients have said this to describe their cooperation with Maivi:

‘We have been working together with Maivi for nearly 20 years now. Over this period, we have been provided advice and support in the widest range of matters – shareholder agreements, investments prospectuses, acquisition and sale of enterprises, mergers, litigations, out-of-court settlements – totalling in at least 50 projects. Maivi is a quick thinker and acts fast, she is result-driven and sees the big picture.’

‘I wouldn't want to jinx it, but within these 10 years there has never been a case where any work promised to be completed by a certain deadline would have been late or where herself or the team of her colleagues would not have accomplished their task in the best possible way. Maivi is recognised for her high professional morals and ethics, while being creative and capable of finding solutions. As an attorney, Maivi is quick, sharp, discrete, and has amazing analytical skills. In many transactions she is capable of identifying nuances that often remain hidden! She is an excellent and smart negotiator!’

‘I would say that Maivi perhaps knows and remembers my business affairs better than myself. It is nice to feel good and confident about having someone who you can trust a 100%.’

This is what work colleagues have said about Maivi:

‘In this area of specialisation Maivi has succeeded in achieving something that is rare. Namely, in addition to being one of the most recognised and appreciated attorneys in Estonia in her main area of expertise, she has been able to acquire excellent knowledge in most of the other areas of law as well. This makes Maivi one of the smartest attorneys in Estonia. Moreover, her wholehearted commitment to her clients to produce the best result, is phenomenal.’

‘As in many organisations, our firm too bears resemblance to our leader. And in this case, it is a good image to resemble. Having worked alongside Maivi for good many years, I am still often surprised by her captivating enthusiastic attitude towards her work and by how quick a person’s mind can be. I have yet to encounter a problem that Maivi would not be able to resolve (whether on her own or after consulting work colleagues specialising in the respective area).’

‘Having worked with Maivi for many long years I have always admired her professional capabilities, diligence and excellent ability to read people. The last feature in particular has made working with her very pleasant, as she cares about and values the employees of the firm. Maivi often says that people are our most valuable asset, and by treating people as individuals, not as robot, she is proving it every day. Yes, she is indeed demanding, and rightfully so, but she is very protective of her firm, her team and she inspires everyone to pursue their objectives, regardless of their position or experience. Equal treatment and mutual respect are extremely important for her, and therefore she has created an environment where all members of the team can focus on their work knowing that their contribution will be noticed and valued. This is why Maivi is not just an excellent attorney, but also a great manager of the law firm.’

Maivi’s professional expertise has also been highly recognised by international publications. In 2019, Chambers & Partners awarded Maivi Ots top rankings as an expert for Corporate/Commercial (Band 1), Banking & Finance (Band 3) and Real Estate (Band 3). In 2019, Legal 500 ranked Maivi Ots as a “Leading Individual” in Commercial, corporate and M&A.


Eversheds Sutherland ( is one of the largest of international law firms.  About 5000 employees of the firm now work in 70 offices across Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the United States. The firm also has partner firms in 200 more locations. The law office Eversheds Sutherland Ots & Co has been servicing customers in Estonia for over 20 years.

Estonian Bar Association ( is an organisation, representing over one thousand attorneys, that stands for the rule of law. In order to become an attorney, applicants have to take the attorney’s examination. The Bar Association was established in 1919, and its current Chairperson is the highly respected attorney-at-law Jaanus Tehver. The purpose of awarding the title of “Attorney of the Year” is to recognise the high level of professionalism of attorneys, and their participation in the public life in Estonia, along with highlighting and promoting the legal profession.

Generally, the Bar Association solemnly announces the title of “Attorney of the Year” at its General Assembly that takes place in spring, however in this unusual year of the corona virus pandemic the announcement was postponed till the end of the year.

This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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