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Franchising and Distribution, Latvia


Franchising has experienced unprecedented growth in Europe in the recent years.  However, franchising industry remains largely unregulated.  If you contemplate franchising your business, you may require assistance by a franchise lawyer with a thorough understanding of potential pitfalls and opportunities associated with franchise business. 

Our law firm will take the time to understand how your distribution business model operates or, if you contemplate setting up a new franchise business, will develop a concept franchise and distribution model for you tailored to your specific needs.  Most franchising agreements need to reflect a number of critical provisions and certain disclosures need to be made. 

We can take care of the drafting work, advise you on the appropriate course of action with respect to required disclosures and help you negotiate contractual provisions that will suit your circumstances.  In addition, we can provide insightful analysis to distributors and dealers to understand contractual obligations to which they are committing and provide expert counsel in drafting and negotiating distribution, license and authorized dealership agreements.    


Our principal franchising and distribution practice areas include:

• Drafting and negotiation support with respect to franchising, distribution, license and dealer contracts
• Development of franchise and distribution models
• Franchise sales compliance and enforcement of rights pursuant to franchise agreements
• Legal counselling on the essence and types of franchise models and regulations applicable to franchising in the EU, Russian Federation and Asia
• Franchise litigation and arbitration
• Training and tutoring on franchise matters

Our Experience

We pride ourselves in having developed for our clients a number of franchise concept models tailored to the specific needs and business objectives of our clients. 

In addition, we have drafted agreements and documentation sets supporting the franchise business of our clients.