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Privacy and Data Protection, Latvia


Privacy and data protection have become a major source of concern for international business.  While some businesses recognize data, including personal data, as their key asset, other businesses face scrutiny by supervisory authorities and the risk of imposition of substantial fines as a result of failure to comply with applicable privacy and data protection regulations. 

National laws and EU law contain a set of complex regulations restricting use and transfer of data. 

The ability to manage customer and employee data is becoming particularly important as the level of vigilance exercised by regulators and customers about how such data should be processed and protected is growing.  Moreover, there can be discerned a trend towards further enhancement of privacy and data protection standards across the world. 

Our lawyers can help you identify the types of information and data that are covered by the national and EU regulations, what security measures need to be implemented in order to secure protection of the personal data, what justifications can be relied on in order to proceed with collection and transfer of the data or information, compliance with what procedures needs to be ensured in order to make processing of the data legal. 

We routinely advice our clients on a variety of cross-jurisdictional undertakings involving transfer of data and provision of online services.             


Our principal privacy and data protection practice areas include:

  • National privacy and data protection laws and the EU data protection directives
  • Handling of breaches of data security
  • EU model clauses and drafting of agreements involving privacy and data protection issues
  • Drafting privacy policies for corporate websites and advice on compliance issues in connection with collection of customer data through websites

Our Experience

We pride ourselves in having provided our clients with expert legal counselling on a number of significant privacy and data protection issues.  Our track record in the area of privacy and data protection includes, among others, the following:

We provided legal assistance to the Register of Enterprises of Latvia in implementing a new data re-use information technologies system.  Our assistance included legal consultations on the draft Cabinet of Ministers Regulations setting out legal framework for the data re-use by the Register and drafting support with respect to template license agreement to be entered into between re-users of data acquired by the Register of Enterprises as a public authority.

Our law firm routinely advises a leading global electronics equipment manufacturer in reviewing, amending and drafting its online terms of use, privacy policies and disclaimers.

At the request of a leading Latvian insurance company, subsidiary of one of the leading global insurance groups, we rendered legal counselling with respect to data transfers and assisted the client in its liaisons with the national personal data protection authority.

We provided instrumental advise to a multinational U.S. based conglomerate of high-tech companies manufacturing aircraft engines, helicopters, elevators, fire and security equipment in implementing an employee survey compliant with applicable data protection regulations.

We assisted the local subsidiary of one of the leading global nutrition and health products company in implementation of its whistle-blowing hotline in Latvia.

We have drafted a variety of data processing agreements entered into by a range of domestic and overseas data controllers and data processors. 

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