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Breaking down barriers - A global guide to foreign investment regimes

  • Switzerland



    Direct foreign investments in Swiss companies are currently not subject to state approval, which stands in contrast with the majority of the EU and all G7 Member States. However, the Swiss Parliament has instructed the Federal Council (government) to draft a new legislation, and a legislative proposal for a “Federal Law on the Examination of Foreign Investments” was published on 18 May 2022. This new bill aims at preventing threats to public order and security as a potential consequence of foreign investors acquiring control of Swiss companies. Parliamentary debate is yet to come, and the final wording of the bill is not known at the time of publication of this guide.

    Our guide gives answers to 16 key parameters to the current and proposed foreign investment regimes in China, the EU, jurisdictions across Europe, the UK and the US, that you need to consider when planning and executing your investment strategies.

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