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Employment law, Lithuania

Every area of the law is unique. When dealing with sensitive employment law issues, excellent legal advice must be combined with diplomacy. Good lawyers must think of the interests of both employers and employees, respecting both and trying to find solutions and suggest ideas that would be acceptable for everyone concerned.

We successfully manage this balancing act for our clients, ensuring that they get the most out of their people whilst protecting their business interests. We can provide the same service to you and help make your people policies a success.


Successful businesses must take into account employment law issues to make the most of their human resources. We have extensive legal skills that can assist you in this area.

The importance of local employment law rules should never be underestimated. Some standard policies and forms of contracts that work in other countries may not be suitable in Lithuania. Some critical obligations of employees stated in those contracts may be void or unenforceable under domestic law. There are few other areas where the differences between jurisdictions are so notable and the risks so high if things go wrong.

We are committed to providing you with a complete service for employment law matters, on both domestic and multinational matters. We deliver integrated business solutions on various issues relating to competence and effectiveness. As a client, you will benefit from our in-depth experience and knowledge of specific industries and their regulatory, financial and technological characteristics. You can get advice on mergers, takeovers and reorganisations, employment and secondment contracts and every other area relevant to your business.

Main areas of our expertise include:

  • individual employment contracts and collective labour agreements
  • trade unions, work councils and employee consultation issues
  • handling sensitive issues relating to employment, service and consultancy agreements
  • drafting employee policies
  • share-based incentive plans and employee stock option plans
  • changing employment terms and conditions
  • individual and collective dismissals and severance pay issues
  • employment litigation
  • international assignment solutions, including secondments and related issues, such as social security implications, residence permits, work permits, visas and immigration issues.


A multinational baby food producer

Preparing an extensive study on employees' security at work.

A major construction company

Advising on the transfer of employees.

A pharma

Advising on the transfer of its local employees from a Lithuanian representative office to a foreign subsidiary of the client.

A major Lithuanian dairy

Drafting a set of management documents.

A major construction company

Advising on full financial indemnity agreements and other employment advice. We also assisted on the negotiation strategy with the Labour Supervising Authorities.

A major British furniture manufacturer

Providing full scope corporate law advice.

A major Finish supplier of goods

Advising on corporate governance and employment matters.

The largest cosmetics and perfume retailers in Lithuania

Providing extensive employment advice including drafting employment contracts.

Pharma MNC

Advising on the transfer of employees.

A major German electric device producers

Drafting employment contracts and solving related employment matters.

One of Italy's largest producer of automation components

Providing full scope legal advice.

The leading provider of integrated real-time information

Advising on the restructuring of business in Lithuania, transfer of employees, assets and transactions in relation to its corporate restructuring.

Pharma MNC

Conducting a study on the procedures of liquidation of the subsidiary. Our employment team verified the legal documentation for the transfer of employees.

Several major legal due diligences

Reporting on human resource/employment matters and reviewing labour, collective and other relevant agreements, including relations with the trade unions and work councils.

A major IT company

Advising on the procedures and financial schemes relating to the dismissal of the CEO.

International healthcare company

Advising on the employment of the CEO in the local subsidiary.

A foreign furniture company

Preparing a legal briefing on equal pay.

Multinational baby food producer

Preparing an extensive study on employees' security at work and advising on other employment law matters.

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