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Intellectual property, Lithuania

In a world where the infringement of intellectual property rights is an everyday occurrence, legal protection becomes crucial. You need someone who can look out for your interests and ensure you get the most from the ideas and inventions your organisation produces. Our lawyers are amongst the best at providing this service.


Intellectual property is one of the most important commodities in today's global marketplace. Procurement and management of intangible assets requires a detailed understanding of numerous areas of law, business, technology, finance and international commerce.

Working as a team on national and international projects, we provide a full range of intellectual property services. We have expertise and experience in a wide range of projects relating to acquisition, protection, enforcement and use of intellectual property rights. We can also advise on franchising, licensing and other intellectual property related agreements.

Our team consists of dynamic, commercial lawyers with in-depth knowledge and experience of specialist areas.

Main areas of our expertise include:

  • advice on the protection of trademarks, patents, industrial design, know-how, trade secrets and copyrights, including issues related to electronic commerce
  • preparation of licence agreements and contracts on assignment of intellectual property rights and sale of products of intellectual activities
  • legal assistance on various intellectual property aspects of M&A and corporate structuring transactions, including intra-group transfers and other issues
  • enforcement of anti-counterfeiting measures and protection of branded products
  • intellectual property due diligence.


A US based data communications distributor

Carrying out the review of acquisition documents of a major Lithuanian data communications distributor. The purpose of the project was the acquisition of shares in the Lithuanian company.

Major international food company

Advising major international food company on advertising matters, including advice on advertising and consumer protection.

A major Scandinavian based pharmaceutical company

Advising on advertising matters in the pharma sector.

The US data controller

Providing comprehensive personal data protection legal advice.

A large Scandinavian origin company

Providing comprehensive personal data protection legal advice in the context of carrying out marketing and promotional actions. We also drafted documentation on the transfer of trademarks and delivered other intellectual property law advice.

A company providing complex project services in wastewater treatment and recycling

Carrying out a review of a know-how license contract, drafting a contract on sale and purchase of shares and delivering intellectual property advice.

A large software distributor and computer manufacturer

Advicing on OEM software licensing and package-license issues.

An international manufacturer of chemical products

Advising on intellectual law issues, including consultations with regard to the protection of its trademark in Lithuania.

A world leader in hi-tech sector

Providing general regulatory and intellectual property related advice as well as guidance on finance and operational lease and hire-purchase arrangements in the light of the new regulations.

A large food company

Advising on the protection of its trademark in Lithuania.

The world's largest enterprise software company

Providing legal support to the world's largest enterprise software company branch in competition matters. Advice on a number of IP, advertising and branding related matters.

Major interational food company

Advising on corporate and EU law related matters in relation to various milk purchasing regulations.

The US origin data controller

Providing personal data protection legal advice.

International pharmaceutical company

Advising on advertising regulations and corporate branding.

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