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Changes in court and arbitration proceedings against the background of professionalising public procurement

  • Poland
  • Public procurement


The professionalisation of public procurement court proceedings is a process of distinguishing a specialisation in dealing with a certain category of disputed civil cases. It includes a structural change consisting in the establishment of the public procurement court and proceedings before that court, and it means improving the professional qualifications of judges. Other relevant and topical issues include the hybrid nature of public procurement law, the opening of legal protection measures in the new PPL to proceedings below the EU thresholds, accompanied by the accumulation of a stream of complaints in a single court, and the scope of the new regulation. All these are important factors making the professionalisation of the court and its proceedings a necessary phenomenon for the proper functioning of a significant part of legal transactions in Poland.

This is a summary of the article written by Michał Drozdowicz, Partner and Head of Governments & Energy at Eversheds Sutherland Wierzbowski. The whole publication is available, in Polish, in “PZP Prawo Zamówień Publicznych - kwartalnik Nr 4/2020”.