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The nationwide Law Games competition is a joint undertaking of the European Law Students Association — ELSA Poland and our law firm. The competition was created with law students in mind, because they do not have many opportunities during the course of their studies to apply their knowledge in practice. The competition allows students and recent graduates to handle the same sorts of matters that legal practitioners deal with in their day-to-day work. Participating in Law Games is a chance for students to take the first steps on their legal career path.

The first competition was held in 2005. Since then, Law Games has enjoyed steadily increasing interest among students, as demonstrated by the growing number of entries submitted each year. The competition is designed for law students in their 3rd to 5th year of studies, and for recent graduates completing their degrees no earlier than 3 years before the competition finals. The elimination round is based on the solution to a case study, and during the finals the participants will play the role of a panel of judges and issue a judgment on the case from the first round.

In the first part of the finals, participants will work in groups, which will allow the jury to observe their teamwork—one of the most important skills in their future professional life. The main prize for the winners will be the opportunity to take part in a month-long, paid internship at our law firm.

If you are interested in seeing what it is like to work in one of the largest law firms in Warsaw, and what it is like to be a lawyer, and at the same time win valuable prizes, the Law Games competition is for you!

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