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Gas Market in Poland - Investments in Gas-Fired Power Generation

A conference entitled “Gas Market in Poland: Investments in Gas-Fired Power Generation” will be held in Warsaw on 1–3 February 2012.

The main topics that will be discussed at the event include:

  • Plans for deregulation of the gas market, a new front of liberalization—links with open markets
  • The model for functioning of the gas market shaped by solutions from European countries
  • Gas prices in Poland and the world—relations between oil, coal and gas (coal v. gas: price competition?)
  • Freeing of the gas market in 2012—opportunity or threat?
  • Overview of transmission infrastructure outside Poland
  • Access to the international gas market
  • Sale of gas through the commodities market
  • Degree of complication of agreements for transmission services and the process of purchasing gas through the commodities market
  • Advancement of projects to assure diversification of gas supplies
  • Rules for allocation of capacity
  • Changes in rules for connection procedures
  • Tariffs for distribution and transmission—changes under new EU law

Maciej Jóźwiak, an expert on energy law at our law firm, will give a presentation at the conference entitled “Tariffs for distribution and transmission—changes under new EU law.”