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Mobile Standard 2012

The Mobile Standard 2012 conference, organized by Internet Standard, will be held on 17–18 May 2012 at the Businessman Institute in Warsaw.

The theme of the conference will be new trends in the market for mobile services and solutions and the changes ahead for suppliers of mobile services and companies exploiting their marketing potential.

The event is designed for marketing directors, media houses, interactive agencies, publishers of electronic media, suppliers of applications and additional services, as well as mobile network operators.

Our law firm will be represented at the conference by attorney Piotr Paśnik, a manager on the competition law team who specializes in telecommunications law.

In his presentation, on the topic of how to organize an SMS contest that is acceptable to competition and telecom regulators, he will use examples based on best practice (and not-so-good practice) to explore the following issues with conference participants:

  • The nature of gaming and lotteries under Polish law
  • The influence of new regulations on the relations between telecom operators and customers and suppliers of SMS and MMS services.