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New Postal Law

A conference entitled “The New Postal Law,” organized by Adventure Consulting Sp. z o.o., will be held at the Hotel Polonia Palace in Warsaw on 28 November 2012.

The topic of the conference will be the guidelines for the new Postal Law in Poland, which had its first reading in Parliament on 24 October 2012, and in particular:

  • the role of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications in the deregulated market for postal services
  • new rules for starting and conducting postal activity
  • access to postal infrastructure and the end user
  • designated postal operator and provision of universal service
  • the method for calculating net cost and financing of postal services
  • postal secrecy and personal data protection in postal activity.

The event is designed for postal operators and courier companies, direct marketing firms, and mass publishers.

Our law firm will be represented at the event by Dr Arwid Mednis and legal adviser Artur Salbert, who specialize in telecommunications law.

During his presentation, entitled “Legal Conditions for Access to Postal Infrastructure of a Designated Operator and Elimination of Barriers to Access to the End Customer,” Arwid Mednis will discuss the following issues:

  • access to mailboxes for outgoing and incoming items, postal code systems, and databases on address changes
  • access agreements—content and methods of conclusion, terms of access to infrastructure
  • decisions on access issued by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications.

Artur Salbert, in his presentation “The Stronger Position and New Authorities of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications over Participants in the Postal Market under the New Postal Law,” will discuss the following issues:

  • regulatory activity of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications
  • the role of the regulator in disputes between operators and between operator and user
  • the regulator’s authority with respect to the designated operator and financing of universal services
  • the regulator’s inspection and supervisory authority over postal operators.