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Using Labour Law to Protect the Interests of Employers

A conference entitled “Expert Use of Labour Law to Protect the Interests of the Employer” will be held on 16–17 April 2013 at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. The event is organized by MM Conferences.

The labour law experts invited to participate in the event will discuss the following issues:

  • Changes in labour law—introduced and planned
  • Effects of regulations concerning social packages
  • Organizational culture following mergers and acquisitions
  • Risks of employee use of the Internet and social media
  • When to settle and when to go to trial—risks in application and exploitation of labour law
  • Individual work schedules
  • Selection of the optimal form of employment
  • Managerial contracts with elements of an employment contract
  • Redundancies and termination of employment
  • Non-competition clauses and maintaining trade secrets
  • Mobbing and discrimination

At the conference, Adam Nierzwicki , an attorney at law on the Labour Law team at our law firm, will discuss the issue of redundancies and termination of employment.