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BYOD Enterprise Mobility Summit 5-12-2013
Corporate IT Seminar: Open-Source Intelligence 26-11-2013
New Postal Law and Executive Regulations 26-11-2013
“State and Economy: Legal Instruments for Implementing Public Procurement” 25-10-2013
11th Local Government Capital and Finance Forum 09-10-2013
3rd Forum on IT Management of Universities 09-10-2013
4th Public Procurement Conference: Procurement after Amendment of the Public Procurement Law 08-10-2013
E-Commerce in Poland and the EU after Implementation of the New Consumer Rights Directive and ADR and ODR Regulations 04-10-2013
Legal marketing: Strategy, internet, media—effective achievement of goals by law firms 20-09-2013
British-Polish Defence Forum 27-06-2013
Polish Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration Congress 2013 25-06-2013
New Payment Services Regulations 18-06-2013
Right of Access to Information from Public Authorities 28-05-2013
GigaCon IT in Banking 28-05-2013
Labour relations across borders 16-05-2013
Proceedings before the Competition Authority in Consumer Cases from the Bank’s Perspective 15-05-013
Amendment of the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection 15-05-2013
Effective Management of the Legal Department 15-05-2013
Public-Private Partnership in the Transport Sector 17-04-2013
Using Labour Law to Protect the Interests of Employers 16-04-2013
Roadmap for Public-Private Partnership Projects 15-04-2013
Clinical Trials of Pharmaceuticals: Directions for Change 11-04-2013
Public-Private Partnership in the Healthcare Sector 08-04-2013
Legal and Tax Aspects of Contracts for Conducting Clinical Trials 04-04-2013
Personal Data Protection in the Healthcare Industry 22-03-2013
Legal Aspects of Urban Redevelopment 07-03-2013
Amendment of Money-Laundering Act 06-03-2013
Workshop on companies and capital groups 27-02-2013
Wierzbowski Eversheds co-organizes seminar on “Legal and Economic Aspects of Business Secrecy” 26-02-2013
Support for energy efficiency through White Certificates 25-02-2013
Defence Procurement Opportunities in Poland 25-02-2013
Cloud Computing in Insurance 21-02-2013
Wierzbowski Eversheds to take part in “Personal Data in Healthcare and Clinical Trials” conference 28-01-2013
3rd Medical Teleinformatics Forum—“Procedures and Practice in Clinical Trials and Treatment Experiments” 23-01-2013
GigaCon IT in Administration conference 21-01-2013
Polish Public Procurement Law and Infrastructure Investment Congress 2013 17-01-2013