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Consumer Law Practice in Banking

A two-day workshop entitled “Consumer Law Practice in Banking” will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw on 23–24 June 2014. The event is organized by MMC Polska.

The workshop will cover such topics as:

  • Changes in consumer law and their effect on the operations of the banking sector
  • Practice of financial services agreements concluded at a distance
  • Latest trends in the case law on abusive clauses.

Our law firm will be represented by Grzegorz Kott, of counsel, who will give a presentation entitled “Specifics of revolving credit under the Consumer Credit Act,” discussing:

  • Best practice for calculating the annual percentage rate and other costs of revolving credit
  • Capitalization of fees and commissions under revolving credit and the total amount of the credit according to the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


Grzegorz Kott