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Practical application of Big Data: From e-commerce to public administration 11-12-2014
The Modern Lawyer: Document Management and Case Management in Law Firms and Legal Departments 26-11-2014
Big Data Summit 26-11-2014
2nd Polish Public Procurement Law Congress 2014 25-11-2014
Make the most of EU-funded opportunities in Emerging Europe - seminar 13-11-2014
Online trading in Poland and the EU under the Consumer Rights Act 10-10-2014
AIPN 2014 International Conference: Striking a Delicate Balance: The Challenges of Changing Oil and Gas Market Dynamics and Stakeholder Requirements 05-10-2014
2nd Global Life Sciences Conference in Warsaw 02-10-2014
12th Local Government Capital and Finance Forum 01-10-2014
Big Data - big solution? 30-09-2014
Corporate Legal Counsel Think Tank 30-09-2014
Biometric Summit 04-09-2014
New Consumer Law: Most important changes in duties of sellers, e-commerce, complaints, and contracts concluded at a distance 25-06-2014
Educational Forum for SMEs 23-06-2014
Consumer Law Practice in Banking 23-06-2014
Electricity and gas contracts under the new Energy Law and existing problems 12-06-2014
Practice of management of debt collection for business clients 10-06-2014
Securing corporate data against contemporary threats 20-05-2014
2nd Polish Congress on Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration 2014 20-05-2014
Key Institutions of Energy Law: Energy Law 2014 15-05-2014
Workshop on Complaints in the Power Industry 12-05-2014
Renewable Energy Sources 2014 23-04-2014
Agreements in the energy and gas market - legal aspects in the companies’ practice 31-03-2014
PPP Sector Workshop: Residential 26-03-2014
Central & Eastern European HR 25-03-2014
The Gas Market in Poland 18-03-2014
4th IT for Cooperative Banking Forum 13-03-2014
5th Corporate Legal Counsel Forum 12-03-2014
Technological Innovations for Websites and Legal Conditions for E-Services 12-03-2014
Practical Aspects of Data Protection Management in Capital Groups 10-03-2014
The Practice of Consumer Law in the Insurance Industry 06-03-2014
Changes in the Power Industry 2014 04-03-2014
9th Public Relations Congress 26-02-2014
New Beginnings - WBJ conference 12-02-2014
Business and Law: What to Watch When Building a Business? 06-02-2014
Polish Renewable Energy Congress: The Energy of Tomorrow 03-02-2014
M&A seminar series 16-01-2014