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The Procurement Academy is a series of workshops by Wierzbowski Eversheds designed for all participants in the public procurement market. The meetings are a forum for exchange of views and discussions on practical problems that both contractors and contracting authorities wrestle with every day. The second edition of the Academy begins 22 October 2015 with a workshop devoted to selected aspects of criminal responsibility in public procurement.

“During the meetings of the second edition of the Procurement Academy we will focus on issues of interest to contractors and contracting authorities which are important but which we don’t think have received enough attention in the discussion of Polish public procurement law,” said Tomasz Zalewski, the partner in charge of the Public Procurement team at Wierzbowski Eversheds. “I hope that as in the previous edition, participants will find answers to many of the questions troubling them related to involvement in the public procurement market.”

The workshops will be led by lawyers from our Public Procurement team: Tomasz Zalewski, Dr Aleksandra Kunkiel-Kryńska and Dr Aneta Wala, who are also the authors of the firm’s procurement blog EuroZamówienia.

The schedule for the training sessions is as follows: 

  • 22 October 2015 | Selected aspects of criminal responsibility in public procurement
  • 26 November 2015 | Using the potential of third parties and subcontractors and the problem of bid rigging
  • 14 January 2016 | Acts of unfair competition in public procurement
  • 17 March 2016 | Non-price criteria of bid evaluation
  • 19 May 2016 | The consortium in public procurement - from bid to contract execution

All sessions will be conducted in Polish.
For more information in Polish click here.

The first edition of the Procurement Academy enjoyed a great deal of interest, with a total of nearly 130 people taking part in the five sessions.

Here are the topics covered during the first year:

  • Abnormally low price following amendment of the law
  • Modification of public procurement contracts 
  • Evaluation of the reliability of contractors (improper performance of procurement contracts as grounds for exclusion)
  • Procurement passports—new rules for confirming that contractors are not subject to exclusion from procurement proceedings
  • Lending potential by third parties and subcontracting