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nference: Public Procurement Law: Practical aspects and the latest case law from the National Appeal Board and the courts

A conference entitled “Public Procurement Law: Practical aspects and the latest case law from the National Appeal Board and the courts,” organized by the Warsaw Bar Association, will be held on 27 October 2015. Tomasz Zalewski is one of the invited speakers.
The purpose of the conference is to share practical knowhow with the participants on awarding of public contracts, present numerous examples from practice, and discuss rulings by the National Appeal Board and the state courts.
The issues raised at the conference will include:
Practical aspects of the issue of abnormally low tenders 
Subcontracting in public procurement—summary of two years under the new practice
Practical consequences of reliance on third-party resources
Latest amendments to the Public Procurement Law
Rules for awarding public contracts
Most common errors
Wierzbowski Eversheds will be represented at the event by Tomasz Zalewski, the partner in charge of the firm’s Public Procurement team. In his presentation he will discuss issues surrounding the evaluation of the reliability of contractors as well as the issue of improper performance as grounds for exclusion from procurement procedures.
The speakers will also include specialists from other prominent law firms, the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Poczta Polska SA, and the Public Procurement Centre.
Detailed information and the registration form are available at the website of the Warsaw Bar Association.

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4th Nationwide Compliance Conference   

The 4th Nationwide Compliance Conference will be held on 19–20 November 2015 in Warsaw. Wierzbowski Eversheds is the knowledge partner for the conference, which is one of the most prestigious compliance events in Poland.   

The theme for this year’s conference is “Compliance in Central & Eastern Europe: Current challenges.” During the two-day event, participants will have an opportunity to meet representatives of the international compliance and anti-money-laundering community from the banking, capital and insurance sectors. Officials plan to attend from leading organizations such as the European Securities and Markets Authority, the International Capital Market Association, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Polish Bank Association, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the General Inspector of Financial Information, and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. 

The purpose of the event is to create a platform for exchange of knowhow among the compliance community, inspiration for finding new and better solutions in the compliance area, and deepening of knowledge on new standards and regulations. The main issues raised at the conference will include:

  • Perspectives of regulators 
  • Key challenges facing compliance officers in Central & Eastern Europe 
  • Stock-market regulations and compliance practices in CEE 
  • Cybercrime—the threat of our times 
  • Crypto-currencies—global trends and directions for growth 
  • 4th AML Directive and FATF Recommendations 
  • Know-your-customer/customer due diligence under anti-money-laundering regulations. 

Experts from Wierzbowski Eversheds will speak at the conference. Paweł Kuskowski, head of the Regulatory Risk & Compliance practice, will give a presentation entitled “Applying new rules to benchmarks: Challenges under MAD II.” Gerard Karp, the partner in charge of the firm’s Privacy, Information & Communication Technologies team, will speak on “Big data aspects in the light of EU regulations.” 

The conference is designed primarily for: 

  • Compliance staff from regulated firms (banks, brokerages, insurers) 
  • Employees responsible for combating money laundering at financial institutions and outsourcing/shared-services firms
  • Mid-level and senior managers at regulated institutions 
  • Anyone interested in the compliance function

The conference is organized by the Compliance Polska Association and Langas Group. The lead sponsor for the event is the International Compliance Association.

Click here to download the agenda and registration form.