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Auction system: New support rules for renewable energy sources 01-12-2015
The Procurement Academy: Bid-rigging and reliance on the resources of the third parties and subcontractors 26-11-2015
Changes in competition and consumer protection law and policy 24-11-2015
4th Nationwide Compliance Conference 19-11-2015
FIDIC for Practitioners 19-11-2015
Combating Abuses in Capital Groups 05-11-2015
Open-source intelligence in practice: How to legally obtain business information? 03-11-2015
Conference: Public Procurement Law: Practical aspects and the latest case law from the National Appeal Board and the courts 27-10-2015
Privacy at the Workplace 22-10-2015
The inauguring workshop of the second edition of the Procurement Academy 22-10-2015
Cogeneration: Prospects for Growth in Investments 15-10-2015
Security of Corporate Resources 14-10-2015
Personalised medicine and molecular diagnostics 13-10-2015
13th Local Government Capital and Finance Forum 01-10-2015
Seminar: How to avoid paying twice for construction work 29-09-2015
Data Protection Issues in Capital Groups 23-09-2015
New framework for personal data protection in the EU 18-09-2015
REMIT and Abuses on the Wholesale Energy Market 16-09-2015
Biometric Summit: Aspects of Identity Authentication 10-09-2015
Personal Data Protection Following the Amendments of 1 January 2015 16-06-2015
Gas Purchasing 11-06-2015
Biometric Technologies in Poland: Development and Application 09-06-2015
Investor Relations 28-05-2015
Mutual Responsibility in the Construction Process: Key Issues for Contractors 27-05-2015
Legal and Practical Conditions for Cooperation Between Electrical Distribution System Operators and Trading Companies 25-05-2015
The Influence of Consumer Law on Telecom Operations 25-05-2015
3rd Polish Congress of Public Procurement Law 21-05-2015
Overview of Functioning of Consumer Law in Banks 13-05-2015
3rd Polish Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration Congress 07-05-2015
9th Business Intelligence Congress 06-05-2015
European Local Government Congress 04-05-2015
Appeals from energy regulatory decisions: Disputes and current case law 28-04-2015
Infratech Summit: Physical infrastructure for server rooms and data centres 23-04-2015
Modern Lawyer: Document Management and Case Management at Law Firms and Legal Departments 22-04-2015
3rd Congress on Legal Regulations on Management of Receivables 21-04-2015
Security of Electronic Transactions 16-04-2015
3rd Polish Tax Law Congress 14-04-2015
How to optimize a portfolio of non-performing loans? 26-03-2015
Systems Integration IT Summit 24-03-2015
Personal Data Protection After Amendments of 7 November 2014 23-03-2015
Development and Functioning of Utility Transmission Easements in Practice 16-03-2015
Legal and Tax Aspects of Clinical Trial Agreements: Practical Issues 11-03-2015
Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive: Implementation of Regulations and Existing Issues 11-03-2015
SME Revolutions: How are new technologies changing products, business models and operations of enterprises in Poland? 11-03-2015
Revenue Bonds: A New Concept for Financing Local Governments? 06-03-2015
Changes in the Energy Sector 2015 04-03-2015
SME Revolutions: How are new technologies changing products, business models and operations of enterprises in Poland? 24-02-2015
TMT Policy Group meeting, “Transferring Personal Data Outside the EEA” 12-02-2015
Competition Law: Latest Changes, Current Issues 04-02-2015