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The general anti-abuse rule

We invite you to the second training in the series of Eversheds for Innovation
Valuation and financing of innovative projects
We invite you to the second meeting in our new series of Eversheds for Innovation, targeted at start-ups, innovative companies and investors. On 10 May we will tell you, among other things, how much a start-up is worth, how to justify its valuation to the investor and what sources of funding to use to enable its development and how to maximise its value. The meeting will last from 9.00 till 10.30 and will take place at Wierzbowski Eversheds, Jasna 14/16A. Breakfast and registration starts from 8.30.
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Nearly 60 percent of Polish startups are financed from own resources, limiting their opportunities for development and propensity for innovation. Practical knowledge of various forms of financing and methodology for the valuation of companies in the stage of early development, not only helps in the selection of funding sources, but also in making business decisions by owners and investors.
The participants will have the opportunity to learn about, among others:

Methods of startups’ valuation, so you can estimate the market value of each company, even if it does not yet generate revenue or profits
Practical key to choose a valuation method that best reflects the value of the company and can be a starting point for discussions with potential investors
Examples of "step by step" startup valuation using three most popular methods
”Rule of thumb” in valuation used in practice by investors from venture capital funds
Guidelines for the preparation of financial projections - often necessary to start talks with potential investors
Key market data on, among others, sources of financing of young companies, expected rates of return for venture capital investors and likelihood of success of a new project
Possible sources of funding startups in Poland and practical advice on how to choose them
Influence of the manner of financing on  development and directions on the choice of funding sources, including the development plans of the company
The training will be conducted by: 

Ewa Szlachetka, Partner at Wierzbowski Eversheds, head of transactions practice, has extensive experience in advising in a start-up environment
Tomasz Regulski, Associate Director at KPMG and Jacek Komór, Associate at KPMG, dealing with, among others, valuations of start-ups and reviewing valuations of portfolio companies of private equity and venture capital funds

We will be pleased to welcome you.
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We invite you to a free training in a business breakfast formula dedicated to the planned changes in the Tax Code concerning the introduction of the general anti-abuse rule. Meetings will be held at Wierzbowski Eversheds at ul. Jasna 14/16A. Breakfast and registration starts from 8.30. The substantive part will begin at 9.00 and should not take longer than 1.5 hours, including the time for questions.

For your convenience, we propose two dates to choose from. Their substantive content will be the same.

Why participate?

Almost every taxpayer, individual or corporate, optimises their tax obligations - both in terms of current activities, as well as on the occasion of the implementation of major investment or transaction. Why pay more when you can pay less? Will the new rules prohibit this? Or maybe some actions can effectively be challenged by tax officials even now? We will tell you about all this during our meetings. Importantly, these questions relate to everyone, regardless of the industry and the field they work in.

The participants of the meeting will learn about, among others:

  • Who will be touched by the general anti-abuse rule?
  • Which taxes will it concern?
  • When will the authority be able to accuse the taxpayer of circumventing the law?
  • How to define an unjustified tax benefit?
  • What threatens the taxpayer for abusing (circumventing) the tax law and gaining an unjustified tax benefit?
  • Is it possible to protect against such charges?

The meeting will be led by Karolina Stawowska, a tax consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in tax, head of the tax team at Wierzbowski Eversheds. She managed numerous tax and judicial-administrative proceedings, so her lecture will contain a number of practical examples.