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2nd edition of the Customer Congress. Excellence in customer service.

I International Forum on Personalised Medicine 
The First International Forum on Personalised Medicine will take place on the 2 March 2016 in Warsaw. It is the first project of this magnitude that will gather in one place and time representatives of medical science, pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of diagnostic equipment, professional and regional associations, as well as politicians and scientists who are interested in the development of personalised medicine in Poland and across the world. The event will be attended by Marta Goląb Gadomska and Gerard Karp.

Discussed issues will include, among others:
the place of personalised medicine in the development of medical sciences
personalised medicine in clinical practice
interdisciplinarity in personalised medicine
ethical conditions and legal environment for the functioning of personalised medicine
financial and organisational challenges for the health care system using the personalised medicine solutions. 

The last item of the forum will be the declaration of the Polish Coalition of Personalised Medicine. The document will be presented by prof. Jacek Fijuth, Chairman of the Polish Society of Oncology. Wierzbowski Eversheds is a founding member of the Coalition.

During the forum the book "Personalised Medicine. Myths, facts, recommendation", edited by Adam Fronczak, will have its premiere. The authors of the chapter "Legal Environment for personalised medicine - chosen aspects" are Marta Gadomska-Gołąb and Gerard Karp.

Event is organised by the Institute for Health Protection, Employers Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies - INFARMA and the Association for Good Clinical Trials Practice in Poland - GCPpl

Honorary patron of the forum is the Health Ministry.

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On 26-28 of September, Warsaw will host the Customer Congress - an event bringing together Contact Centre industry leaders and managers responsible for the widely understood customer service. Gerard Karp, partner in charge of the privacy protection law, information and communication technologies and electronic communication teams was invited to participate in the event. 

In an increasingly saturated market, with the high awareness and increasing requirements of the customers as well as the development of modern telecommunications technology, the factor that can determine the success or failure of the company is the excellence of the customer service. During the Customer Congress, the experts, the practitioners from the largest Polish companies will address the most important topics on the challenges and opportunities facing the customer service and the latest technological trends used in the contact centres.

In addition to the plenary sessions, the participants will have the opportunity to consult face to face at the expert tables – Gerard Karp will consult at one of them, concerning the protection of personal data in the contact centre.

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