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International Conference CopyCamp 2016. The future of copyright in Europe.

On the 27-28 October, Warsaw will host the fifth edition of the international CopyCamp conference. Katarzyna Lejman will be one of the speakers.

For the past 5 years CopyCamp has been a place of sustainable and multilateral debate on copyright, held among representatives of cultural institutions, media, the creative sector, legal, political and non-governmental circles. This year, the goal of the organisers is to use CopyCamp’s special achievements to support the dialogue on the future of copyright in Europe.

The discussed issues, among others, will include :

  • Using someone else's works in own works
  • Copyright in schools and universities.
  • Technologies, innovation and copyright
  • Copyright and human rights
  • Enforcement of copyright
  • Creation of copyright in Europe and worldwide

Katarzyna Lejman will conduct a presentation entitled: Can the creators of LET’S PLAY and CAST video games sleep well?

Strategic partners of the conference are: International Visegrad Fund, Google and ZIPSEE Digital Poland.

Copycamp is part of the project: The future of copyright, carried out by the Modern Poland foundation.

More information on the event’s website>