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Dear Readers,

2018 is a special year for us. It marks 20 years since our firm was founded in Poland.

Twenty years in business is an excellent occasion to look back over the road we have travelled so far, to thank those we have shared it with, and think about our hopes and plans as we enter our third decade.

Firstly we are thinking today about people, because we have had the good fortune to work with some truly exceptional ones. We think especially warmly about those who exactly 20 years ago set out on this wonderful journey with us; a few of them have been with us down to the present day. We thank everyone who has contributed over the years to the development of our firm, giving their time, commitment, and heart. We observe with interest the current professional activity of our alumni and enjoy their achievements.

When we think of our 20-year journey, we certainly cannot fail to mention the values that have guided us over the years, the values that were and are the foundation, the bond and the compass for all that we do. Those values, which articulate the aims we have always set for ourselves, are client focus, respect, cooperation, and striving for growth and innovation.

Our success would not be possible without our clients. Many of them have been with us since the beginning of the firm’s existence—and that means a lot to us. We thank all of our clients for their trust, fruitful cooperation, and camaraderie.

From the very start of our practice we have had the honor of working on projects of vital importance for our clients, and for the development of local regions and the country as a whole. Many of them have contributed hugely to the transformation of specific sectors of the economy. For example, we have worked on hundreds of projects crucial for the future shape of the telecommunications sector. We have advised on major projects connected with the growth of the IT market and the application of new technologies in business. We have always bet on innovation and backed innovators.

We have worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in Poland, and advised Polish cities on key local investments. We were the Polish government’s exclusive legal advisor and project coordinator during the preparation of the Polish-Ukrainian bid for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. We have led high-profile litigation. We have supported firms who are leaders in their fields in complex international projects and expansion onto global markets. We have cheered the successes of young entrepreneurs, including tech startups whom we supported pro bono when taking their first steps in business.

The last two decades have been a period of dynamic growth of our law firm—also driven by the growth of Eversheds, which we joined in 2005. When we became part of the Eversheds brand, we were one of just a dozen offices. Today there are 66 of them in 32 countries around the world—including, since 2017, in the United States, after Eversheds combined with the American law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan. Just one year ago the brand was joined by offices in Russia and Luxembourg. Following our clients to new continents, with concern for the quality of services and communications, with Eversheds Sutherland we have always pursued with great zeal the motto “To be the most client-centred international law firm that sets the standards for others to follow and a great place to work”.

We enter the next decade full of hope and optimism, with many plans for growth that we want to realize in the not-too-distant future. What we can discuss today is a continuation of the growth in the comprehensive advice we offer for businesses facing the challenges of the digital transformation and the application of the new technology solutions. Technology is changing the world, introducing revolutionary new business models, and it is forcing changes in law practice as well. We came to terms with this long ago. We have excellent specialists in this area, and hundreds of projects to our credit where new technologies have played a starring role. All of this gives us a strong market position in this field—as has been confirmed numerous times in prestigious legal rankings. Drawing on the finest from our past will help us build our future.

The celebration of our 20th anniversary could not occur without some shared revelry. Our jubilee gala was held on 27 September 2018 in the atmospheric interiors of Forteca Kręglickich. We thank everyone who chose to spend that special evening with us. It was a pleasure and a privilege to host so many people who are important to us.

Click the player below to see some pictures from the gala.

We cordially salute all our friends and well-wishers. We hope that in another 10 years we will meet again with good health, an optimist outlook, and a friendly business reality.

The partners of Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland

Ewa Łachowska-Brol

  • Managing Partner
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Projects from our first 20 years

This is an overview of the matters we have had the honor of working on during our first 20 years. Most of these items are projects we have reported on over the years.


We have worked on hundreds of projects crucial for the future of the telecommunications sector in Poland

Supporting entrepreneurship

For many years we have cooperated with Aula Polska, a foundation promoting the culture of tech entrepreneurship in Poland

We launched our Internet Start Up Program to provide pro bono support for innovative entrepreneurs from the IT industry

Dispute resolution

We are pioneers in class actions in Poland

We have conducted dozens of multimillion-dollar arbitration proceedings

We have represented clients in hundreds of cases before market regulators, saving our clients billions of zlotys in penalties

See the news:

CSR/Pro bono

For many years we have supported numerous Polish charities, including foundations for sick children and for lawyers in need

We contribute to global charitable initiatives of Eversheds Sutherland, like Global Running Day supporting the WaterAid Foundation

We have advised more than 100 tech startups pro bono > read about our Internet Start Up Programme and the cooperation with Aula Polska 

Ewa Szlachetka

  • Managing Partner
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Krzysztof Wierzbowski

  • Senior Partner
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