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Topic Date
Emergency Training: Which claims will become time-barred at the end of this year? 11-12-2018
Navigating a cyber-attack: An interactive discussion and simulated case study 09-10-2018
Labour force automation: how deep, how far, how fast 08-06-2018
The Act on Transparency of Public Life: New obligations of businesses 24-05-2018
Minimizing the risk of malpractices in a capital group 21-05-2018
LMA: Real estate finance 14-05-2018
M&A risks management. What are the opportunities as M&A insurance matures in Poland? 25-04-2018
How to avoid sanctions for violations of anti-corruption laws
Prohibition of Sunday trading in Poland - practical aspects 10-04-2018
The legal aspects behind artificial intelligence 22-03-2018
SHINE: Women and Technology 08-03-2018
Global Legal Hackathon 23-02-2018
High voltage lines - problematic aspects of investments 20-02-2018
MiFID II: Impact on the energy sector 17-01-2018
Pros and cons of ICO - an alternative method of financing based on blockchain 11-01-2018
Public Procurement Academy: E-procurement in Poland 09-01-2018