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Our approach: Project management

Our project management approach ensures effective planning, communication and genuine cost predictability. Our law firm provides outstanding service because there's no guessing about what you want.

Predictability and measurability

Every job we do for you will be fully scoped and planned. We put real effort into understanding your key commercial issues, then agree with you how we are going to achieve them. This approach is driven by constant communication and control to ensure the project is delivered
to your requirements. Robust scoping and review methods and regular communication ensure predictability and that there are no surprises.

Predictable costs

We will never charge you for anything you have not agreed in advance. Sometimes there are unexpected turns that can have a serious impact on costs and timescales. If so, we will revise the costs and timescales, then agree them with you before undertaking further work. With project management, you always remain in control.

Regular communication

As part of the initial scoping and planning we will ask you how and when you want us to communicate with you: by e-mail, phone or fax? Every day, once a week, once a month? We'll ask how you would your like your legal advice: highly detailed or a quick one page summary?

Listening to what you have to say

Throughout the project we will continually review our plan to ensure it is still relevant and effective, and will adapt it if necessary. Being predictable doesn't mean a lack of flexibility: we continuously monitor all work so that you get the best result.

Continuous improvement

As part of our drive for service excellence, once a job is complete we will ask for your feedback so we can learn lessons that will help us to provide an even better service in the future.

This is what Eversheds means by project management – a first-rate legal service backed by rigorous cost control and total accountability, every step of the way.

RAPID resolution - one of our project management tools

Understanding the need for optimization of activities connected with enforcing claims, Wierzbowski Eversheds offers RAPID resolution – a project management system for handling disputes which leads to achievement of the best possible practical solution for claims issues, helps to reduce time and costs, and provides the client with continuous monitoring of the dispute. Find out more

Our intention is to:

  • deliver your agenda rather than ours by putting you in control
  • cut costs by eliminating inefficiency at each stage of the supply chain
  • deliver added value by sharing our know-how
  • exchange ideas during legal meetings and attend appropriate internal team briefings if required
  • discuss with you any way in which we can improve our efficiency and performance / ways in which you can benefit from the resources at our disposal
  • establish an annual get together when key members of our teams can exchange ideas in order to create a closer working relationship.