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Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland cooperates with Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce

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Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland has launched a joint promotion with the Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce of best practice in business cooperation, with particular attention to current legislative changes.

The cooperation between the law firm and the chamber of commerce is the result of a meeting between attorneys Anna Derdak and Witold Sławiński from Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland and the president of the Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce, Janusz Piechociński (former deputy prime minister of Poland), and the director of the chamber, Marta Piechocińska, in January 2019.

The Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2016 at the initiative of Polish entrepreneurs. The chamber’s mission is to efficiently match demand and supply, creating conditions for growth in investment on Eastern markets. The chamber’s members include firms of all sizes interested in growth and cooperation with foreign business partners, expanding their network of contacts, and gaining access to the latest information on key events in Poland and around the world.

The Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce offers its member a wide range of services including business consulting, economic analysis, and PR. The chamber also organizes events promoting Polish firms abroad, such as business missions, conferences, and seminars. Due to the wide network of contacts and great experience of its members, the chamber is an attractive business partner and offers added value to entities interested in developing their business on foreign markets and promoting their companies in the international business environment. The chamber also offers an extensive base of contacts with Polish and foreign companies, the opportunity to meet with foreign business representatives, local authorities, and diplomats, and access to numerous reports and other materials on Eastern markets.

Thanks to its close cooperation with 68 offices of Eversheds Sutherland in 34 countries around the world, Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland supports its clients in pursuing projects on global markets. Eversheds Sutherland is rapidly developing its presence in Asia and the Middle East, with offices in such countries as Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

Establishing cooperation with the Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce is the latest in a series of recent initiatives by Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland aimed at building and strengthening commercial relations with Eastern markets. The law firm is also a member of the European Society for Better Business Relations with Asia, the Middle East and Africa (ASEMEA). The vice president of that organization is Witold Sławiński.

This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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