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The pandemic has significantly hindered conducting stationary sale of goods and services. Many companies decide to change their business models and transfer their activities to the Internet, establishing new e-shops or developing the current ones. It is crucial to make all actions taken on the Internet be legal and do not pose a risk of intervention by supervisory authorities.

eCommerce ON

To meet the current needs of many companies, the Commercial Team of Eversheds Sutherland Wierzbowski has developed the service "eCommerce ON” which aims to support all business activities on the Internet.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive legal support in connection with the development of online stores
  • Advice related to brand protection and promotion in online environment
  • Assistance regarding commercial contracts during the pandemic Legal advice concerning verification of all e-actions

Experts from Eversheds Sutherland Wierzbowski will review terms and conditions of e-stores and other platforms of remote sale of products and services, in light of the applicable laws, including consumer protection regulations and laws on electronically supplied services. They will review privacy policies for their compliance with rules governing collection and processing personal data. Lawyers will also analyse product and service information provided in electronic communication, as well as they will help in drafting promotion of terms & conditions and we will review them for their compliance with applicable laws.

Switching to e-business

The Commercial team will help in drafting basic documentation required in relations with customers, i.e. e-store terms, electronically supplied services terms, privacy policy, return policy. They will help on legal queries related to registration of domain and website positioning and will answer any other questions related to legal aspects of conducting e-business or other remote business.

Brand protection in online environment

On the one hand entrepreneurs face the challenge of reaching the widest possible range of the online customers and standing out from the competition with their online offers. On the other hand, the scale of third parties’ unfair online activities aimed at exploiting entrepreneurs’ brands and market reputation is also increasing proportionally. Eversheds Sutherland Wierzbowski provides comprehensive support in all legal aspects related to promotion and protection of a brand on the online market, as well as requirements for e-commerce industry being controlled by competition and consumer protection authorities – always taking into account the individual needs and scale of business activity of each client. Read more>>

Commercial agreements support

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly hinders business operations, including performance of contractual obligations. As an example: problems with delivering products due to closed of borders, obtaining components when factories are closed, or payment of rents in shopping malls. Non-performance of contracts or delays in this regard can have negative consequences for many companies. That is why it is important to run your business in accordance with the possibilities offered by legal regulations and specific contract provisions. At this special time, we offer legal support in verifying contracts and their provisions to help companies to find themselves in a new economic reality. Read more >>

Preferential rates. First hour free.

Guided by business need for support in these difficult times and by a corporate social responsibility of a legal advisory sector, we ensure that we will adopt preferential rates when providing our service. Moreover, for our very new clients, we will provide first hour of our services free of charge.

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This information is for guidance purposes only and should not be regarded as a substitute for taking legal advice. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on our website.

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